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Sep 12, 1999
Okay all you tent camping experts, what are some items you do not camp without?? What does your packing list consist of??

i am compiling some information on tent camping to add to my site and appreciate your feedback:D :D
Here's part of my camping check list:
To set up Camp
Seam Sealer
Patch Kit
Bunji Cords
Duct Tape
Citronella Candles

Air Mattress
Waffle Foam
Sleeping Bags

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GEEZ, Bobcat seems to have hit everything, except to bring your toiletries.
The comfort stations all through FW have the nicest, cleanest bathrooms and showers. I am always so impressed at their cleanliness.
Also, if your staying for a long time, bring stuff to do laundry. There are full laundry facilities at these comfort stations also.They charge an arm and a leg for soap and bleach. The price for wash and dry are bad enough. So, put a few scoops of clothes soap in a zip lock before you leave home!
Toiletries and cleaning supplies are on the rest of my list! ;)

I have spring fever really, really bad. To aleviate the symptoms I made a camping and packing list on the computer, disney themed of course.
Okay, I just got back. Let me run thru my list: tent, stakes, mallet, claw hammer, rug, cooler, microwave, portable loveseat, queen size air mattress & pump, bedding, folding TV tray with legs (to serve as night stand, electric lamp, cell phone and charger, cam cord and battery charger, camera & film, umbroller stroller (I used this to carry my backpack full of stuff...Saved the back!), clothes pins, electrical cord, paper towels/plates/cups, breakfast items, flashlights (to hunt armadillos!), stuff to make somemores with, clothes and toiletries. I decided to leave the tarps and canopy out becaue I was just one person doing all the set up. Oh, one other thing, an electric blanket came in handy on a couple of chilly nights! TC
Propane Bottle
Propane Tree
Gas Lantern
Propane Stove
Coffee Pot

Must have the hot water going first thing for coffee, hot cocoa, etc.!!
When going on long term summer camp, I usually bring my toiletries in a small plastic bucket that I bring right into the shower with me. That way you don't have to dry the bottles off each time you get out.

Body Wash

Also, be sure to bring some type of water shoes or rubber sandals for the shower house.

Make sure you have a ground cloth underneath your tent AND inside your tent, helps keep things dry.

Some of you have mentioned cots..... If your tent has a floor, make sure your cot has the bars on the bottom, not feet, cause feet will cause holes in the bottom of the tent.

Open up the windows on your tent during the day to let airflow through. Keeps things fresh and dries out overnight condensation.

Also, even if its very cold at night, leave your windows open just a crack. Keeps some airflow and actually keeps it dryer and warmer in your tent.

If your worried about theft in your tent, get a small padlock to go through the zipper pulls.

Also, the new self-inflating mats are wonderful!!! Very compact and lightweight. Very comfortable.
Saw a great air mattress in K-Mart yesterday. It is an air mattress that is on legs with a platform I think. It is a queen size ait mattress and it sits 28" high. I think the thing i like the least about tenting is getting up off the ground in the morning. It's a long way up. It is a little pricey but, 69.99 is not bad if it saves your back. Would like to get one if we do much more tenting. KQ;)
It is a pole that attaches to a propane tank whereby you can put a lantern on top and with hoses attach at least two stoves, maybe three.
We prefer to tent camp where we have water and electric and find our non-stick (avocado green) electric skillet from my hubby's bachelor days priceless. Errrr make that UGLY but priceless just the same! hehe Pancakes....scrambled eggs.....boiling pasta for mac and cheese....etc.....etc.
Don't forget a crockpot to make yummy meals in. I'm going yo make meals ahead of time and freeze them. Then pop them into the crockpot before you go to the parks. When you return that evening you've got a warm meal waiting for you. Bobcat seemed to hit on everything already. Depending on the weather, I'd probably bring a portable heater as well.

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