Mr and Mrs...Day 2, part 2

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    (after i finished typing this, i noticed that it was rather long! :) so i broke it up into 2 parts...)

    Me-29 self professed Disney freak (8th trip to Disney World)
    Matthew-30 loves me despite my Disney freakishness (first trip to Disney World)

    Day Two, Sept 10, 2002, part two

    After the ceremony, we did the traditional picture taking, witness signing of the marriage license, and then we’re free to go!! The chapel gave us our cake and a bottle of champagne “to go”…we thought that we needed a corkscrew to open the bottle, but after stopping at a liquor store, we realize that it wasn’t the kind that needed one…so we continue on to the room…

    It’s now about 11:15am…We have our own little cake cutting ceremony and nicely shove cake into each other’s mouths…etc…

    Ahem…it’s now nearing 1:00pm…we had plans on hitting Epcot that day…so we get into our first set of “just married” shirts…on the front had a Mickey head silhouette that said Bride or Groom with our names and the date and on the back was a big purple heart with Mickey ears that said just married. I had the headband he made me, so that I wouldn’t mess up my $60 hairdo ($50 for the style and $10 for tip)…the headband was all white with Mickey ears and a veil coming off the back…it was very cute! Since it was our wedding day, Matthew wanted to go ahead and get the top hat with ears after all. Since I wasn’t sure if we could purchase those at Epcot, we catch the bus to MK and then hop the monorail to the GF.

    We get his hat and then head over to Epcot. This took longer than we thought, but that’s ok. We just wouldn’t have as much time in the park as we had wanted…we take the monorail back to the TTC and then catch the monorail to Epcot. (It’s about 2:15pm) We got to sit in the front of the monorail! We shared this honor with another set of newlyweds…our driver was very friendly and funny! His name was Chuck. Stan was the guy at the TTC that kept us entertained while we waited for the monorail. He was pretty funny too…

    We get over to Epcot and decide that we are really hungry. So we head over towards the Land pavilion. But we had to stop at the Ice Station place first. I confessed to Matthew that I was going to be really mean and make him try Beverly without telling him it was yucky…I just couldn’t do it! He tried it all of them…and believe it or not, he actually LIKED Beverly!! Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!! I stuck to the ones that I knew I liked, the watermelon one and the apple one. We moved on to the Land after that…the stand by line was a 40 minute wait…we decide to grab a fast pass and then eat while we waited. We didn’t want anything too heavy since we had 6pm PS for Alfredo’s, so we settled on baked potatoes. I always have to have at least one while I’m there…I had the bacon and cheese potato and he had the chicken fajita potato. Both were pretty good! It’s now time for our fastpass for Living with the Land…Matthew thought this was pretty cheesy…he liked it but later declared it the cheesiest one there…J

    After the ride, we went through the little gift shop that was there. We were near the back of the store when this guy approached us. He said that this might sound weird, but asked me if I was on the DIS. I said yes, and he started laughing…he told us that he recognized us from the picture I use on my signature! He then walks to his wife (?) and tells her that I was a fellow DISer and she gets all embarrassed and calls him a freak…it was pretty funny! She just couldn’t believe that he went up to a “stranger” and said that he recognized us! I pointed out our lime green ribbon and told her that we wanted to be recognized anyway…it was pretty funny! But as we walked away, I realized that I forgot to get his name!! (so if you’re reading this…let me know who you are!!)

    It’s now pushing 4pm and I wanted to head back to our resort so that we could change for dinner. We head towards the front and stop to check out our pictures that were taken upon arrival at Epcot…decide to purchase them…and then hike to the bus to our resort.

    We get back to the resort, change, and then head back out. It’s now about 5:15pm. We were going to be doing an Illuminations cruise with some fellow DISers that night, so we decided to drive to the Yacht Club and park the car. We get in with no problems…walk through the lobby (gorgeous!!) and head out to catch the ferry over to Epcot. We’re running a bit later than I had expected…once we get into Epcot, we still have to hike our way to Italy (doesn’t that sound like fun?)…that’s easier said than done. We got all dolled up for dinner...Matthew was in his dress pants and white shirt, and I was wearing a black dress with NEW black heels. I had tried out the shoes before we left so I knew they’d be ok for just a few hours. By the time we made it to Alfredo’s, my feet were very achy!!

    We get into the restaurant with about 5 minutes to spare and are seated immediately. Now, I had done all the research online about this restaurant and I had read all of the bad reviews so I was a little worried. We lucked out and were seated in the middle of the restaurant so we weren’t squeezed in next to someone else! Our waiter, Gian, was very friendly and attentive. We started with some drinks, me a Bellini, and Matthew, a Dirty Martini. We then had our salads…Matthew had the house salad (a bunch of leaves is what I saw!) and I had the Caesar salad. My salad was wonderful! Matthew enjoyed his as well. Then we both had the fettuccine alfredo. LOVED IT!!!! We then moved on to the sampler platter for dessert. It had a little of everything on it. Matthew’s favorite was the tiramisu and I liked the mousse.

    Dinner done, it’s now nearing 7:00pm. So we head out (total bill was $100.00 with tip which is what we expected) and “explore” Italy for a few minutes. The costumed masqueraders were out and about. We had our picture taken with one of them. They were really neat to see! We had fun in one of the shops trying on the different masks and then needed to head back to the Yacht Club to meet everyone for our cruise.

    My feet are still achy, but we make it to the boat landing…the CM there assures us that we’ll be over at the Yacht Club in plenty of time. It was now pushing 7:30pm and I was getting nervous…we make it over to the resort in plenty of time and meander over to the dock where we are to meet everyone. There are a few people standing around, but I wasn’t sure who was who so we waited. Our driver, Sylvia, noticed us and asked us what the last name was on our reservation. When I told her I didn’t know, I only knew these people by screen names, she smiled and said she knew where we should be. She then directs us over to a small gathering of people and we timidly introduce ourselves. Beauty (Beth) and her family were already there…tc (Kelli) and her husband came soon after…as well as Jaypd (Jay) and his wife. HI GUYS!!! After a few congrats from everyone, it was time to board the boat. We begin our cruise and everyone’s chattering away…Jay hits us with some trivia that I couldn’t answer to save my life! And we then learn a few things about the Swan and the Dolphin and then begin to make our way passed the Boardwalk and into Epcot. While the view wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped, it was still really neat to see Illuminations from this angle! We had a blast!!

    After the show was over, Sylvia drove the group over to the Boardwalk where we all stepped off the boat and got a group picture taken. Matthew and I decided that we were just too exhausted to hang out at the Boardwalk so we had Sylvia take us back to the Yacht Club. It was a perfect ending to our perfect day sitting in the back of the boat all by ourselves…We somehow missed the hat when they passed it around for her tip, so Matthew slipped her a little extra…

    At this point, my feet are just about to fall off, so I’m walking around without my shoes on (really good on the pantyhose!). We take our time walking to the car and then head back to our resort. We get back to our room and decide to have our champagne from earlier. We had filled the sink with ice around the bottle so that it would be chilled when we got back. We had our toast to each other and then decided to hit the pool for a bit before bed.

    We change into our swim suits and head down to the nearly deserted piano pool. We played a bit and after about 30 minutes, head back up to the room. That would be our only experience in one of the resort’s pools!

    It’s now 11pm…It’s been a very long day and we had an early PS for breakfast…set the alarm (again) and the wake up call and drifted off into a blissful slumber…

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    Dec 28, 1999
    did you get to meet Zachary too.....I am so glad that you are posting what a great honeymoon you are having.....thanks so much
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    Mar 23, 2000
    Brandie: great reports. It was so fun meeting you. I love hearing the details of your great honeymoon. Look forward to reading the rest.
  5. maxie

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    May 1, 2002
    Nice to hear the details Brandie! Are you going to post some of your pcitures? My will be up soon - I'll send you the link.
  6. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day!
  7. wdwnut2

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    Jun 16, 2001
    Congratulations! Sounds like a perfect wedding day! I can only imagine the agony of walking around Epcot in new heels!:earseek:
  8. pomcoach

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    Dec 16, 2000
    It must be a very elegant feeling being dressed up and wearing heels at Epcot. I'm always in a t-shirt, shorts, and tennies. Sounds like you had a perfect first day being Mr. and Mrs. God Bless your marriage! Pomcoach:D
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    May 23, 2000
    Very nice 2nd half of a great day.
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    Aug 18, 2001
    A very nice end to a wonderful day!

    The pictures of you on the cruise were so cool!

    Thanks for sharing your special day!
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    Jan 27, 2001
    Sounds like an incredible 2nd part of your day. Congrats!!:)

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