Mp3 music app for Android suggestions please.


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Mar 27, 2019
I'm trying to find a simple app to play my mp3 music. I'd like to find an app that allows me to arrange the songs in order that I like.

Nothing fancy, easy to use.
I have musicolet app, but it's too complicated!!! For an adult.

Any suggestions?


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Nov 4, 2011
I've been using Player FM, which has worked for me so far. I normally use it for audio books and podcasts, so I appreciate the ability to change speed so I can get through everything a bit quicker. Need to sit down and figure out how to amend playlists... it's crazy that even though the tracks are in numerical order, the player does not automatically just play the next track(s) in succession.
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Mar 21, 2008
I use Samsung Music, it came with my phone. It's not good for audio books or podcasts, I have a different app for those, but the app that came with my phone is great for music...well it was, until I started using Spotify.


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