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Aug 23, 1999
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CBR 5401 Room report

I'm posting detailed information about a handicap room at CBR that we stayed at. I'm hoping that it may be useful to others who may be considering staying in a handicap room at CBR. I would like others to post similar information about rooms in other resorts. I'm especially interested in the Dolphin handicap rooms since we have reservations for this coming November. The bathroom layout is key to us to make sure we can slide transfer to the toilet (don't want a sink in the way etc) and also be able to use the roll-in shower.

Over all it was a good room in the Aruba section of CBR. We visited Nov/Dec 2000. It is a first floor king handicap room with roll-in shower in the corner right next to the parking lot. Quick and easy access to our vehicle and real close to the bus stop. Had to cross bridge to get to main CBR building with restaurants etc. but bridge was too steep to comfortably take power wheel chair across so we drove around.

For our situation the room was barely big enough to be comfortable. There are three of us. My wife is in a power chair and we have a 7 year old. Since we had a king room we needed a roll-away. The room becomes a little tight with the addition of a roll-away while still allowing room for the wheelchair and other needed handicap items. We adapted by sliding the bed towards the main door and putting the roll-away along the outside bathroom wall parallel to the main bed. When down it did infringe on the door to the bathroom. We propped the one end up so the wheelchair could get in and out of the bathroom. The bed stand between the main bed and roll-away was turned sideways so it could still fit between the roll-away and main bed. My wife used the other side of the main bed by the room entrance. We had sufficient room so we would not block the entrance. A nice touch was a TV that had front jacks so we could just plug in our camcorder cable and watch the filming from the day.

The bathroom worked OK. My wife was able to do a stand and pivot transfer if everything was just right. The toilet setup was reversed from just right and the front desk indicated that all the CBR handicap rooms were the same orientation (I'm not sure I believe that). Anyhow we made it work so she could stand and pivot over and slide back. There was sufficient room and rails to do that. The roll-in shower was extremely tight and with some thinking we figured out a way to make use of it. There was a fold down bench attached
to the wall that we did not use. It also had a nice portable tub type bath bench which we did use. We set it diagonally partly hanging out into the main bathroom so the wheel chair could pull up along side and my wife could slide to the bench and still have some room for her feet which liked to extend. Are other roll-in showers the same at other resorts? The pictures I saw of the new AKL looked like it is the same as this.
Also, there was only one sink and less counter space than regular CBR rooms but it was manageable.
For our next trip, we were considering other moderates but I think they are all smaller. We wanted to try someplace different rather than just go back to the same place. We ended up with a reasonable rate at the Dolphin so we are trying there. Does anyone have any pictures, layout drawings, or specific information on the dolphin handicap room layout? I think we will be in a standard or lake view room unless they upgrade us.
I'm trying to append a picture. I'm still a little new here and the first time to try adding a picture so I hope I do it right.

I apologize for the length of this message.

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Thanks, Jeff. It looks from your diagram like the accessible bathrooms at CBR may be different from those at Port Orleans and the former Dixie Landings from the descriptions I have heard.. anyone? Are the accessible bathrooms at CSR also this different?

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Thanks for the good description and picture. We have stayed at CBR, PO (the French Quarter and Riverside - before they were named that), but a long time ago. We were in an accessible room at the French Quarter and I don't think it was set up like that.I recall the rooms at CBR seem bigger than those at PO. Rooms at all are listed as 315 square feet on the DIS site, but I think I've read PO are actually under 300. I can't remember for sure, but I think they don't have that same little jog out by the air conditioner and window, whcih adds some manouvering room. All Stars are quite a bit smaller at 260 square feet.

I had to laugh at the moving the bed part. We stay at OKW, which is much larger, so our bed moving days are behind us, but we moved beds in all the other places we stayed.
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