more whining!


DIS Veteran
Aug 22, 1999
Here are my current whines, I am sure I will whine more. ;)

---Now I miss those nice black dots, which seemed so annoying this morning but came in very handy. If we can't have the black dots, can we have the links change from blue to purple after we use them? That way we will know if we have a post in a thread already, or if we have already clicked on a link.

---We are missing 2 of our favorite instant smilies, the green smilie with the cheese-eating grin, and the little bug-eyed 'eek' smilie.

---Still can't edit my posts under Netscape. See earlier post.

---The little boxes on the bottom of the screen that have the page name, there on the toolbar, I forget what you call them... well, right now they all say the same thing -- The DIS Discussion... It would be nice :D if they started off with the name of the board or section instead, e.g., "Community Board" or "Technical Support Board" or "Private Messages" and so on. It would just make life easier for those of us who keep multiple windows open.

Thanks for all you are doing to make this work for us! You know we appreciate it!


DIS Veteran
Aug 22, 1999
Thank you very much for all the work you are doing. Thanks for fixing the edit problem, it works great now.

I spent a huge part of today going back over to Infopop and saving threads that we planned to use for FAQ information, plus a few old favorites of mine... Infopoop was so painfully slow, it timed out several times, it was unavailable about 1/3 of the times I tried to load threads... THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU for moving us out of there!!!!! I mean it, sincerely.

I have saved pages as .html files, my DH thinks he could write a translator to the new board format so we can just repost them here.... unless you already have something like that???? (Any excuse he can get to keep from helping me clean the garage ;) ) Do you already have translation software?


Grand Administrator
Staff member
Jun 1, 1997
Hi Teri:

Your comments are anything but "whining". This is stuff we need to know about, and the flexibility of this software is wonderful.

I agree that InfoPop got slow, but I fear we may face the same issues here once the database starts getting full. Right now, we went from 1.1 million posts on the InfoPop boards to 10,000 on these. Let's see how the new hardware/software holds up under the strain (I'm praying!).

Our man, Freddie (who is one of the developers of this software) has created a translator to go from XML into these boards, and we've provided him with quite a few backups to work from. Unfortunately, we were not able to back up all the forums. Some, like the Resorts board, simply would not export for some reason. So, we'll see how well it works, but thanks for the offer. It is greatly appreciated.


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