More Add-on Questions--sales agents?


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Oct 17, 2000
Since the search function isn't working, I'm having to ask questions I'm sure have been asked before:

What resale company does Jaki work for? I've heard her name mentioned several times but can't remember the company. Also, we're wanting to add on approx. 100 points but I don't see any listed in the few companies I've searched online. Are these lower point resale contracts extremely hard to find?

Since we will PROBABLY go with 100 points, DVC direct is most likely the route to take--am I right? Any recommendations on agents? We've never met any of the ones assigned to us, so I'd rather just request someone. (Right now we're assigned to "Linda Smit", I think. She may be just wonderful, but like I said, we've never had any contact with her.)

Thanks again for all your wonderful help!:)
Doing a purchase of 150 or more points is usually where the resale market comes in. It is much more difficult to find lower points just for an add on for several reasons, such as: (a) sellers when they decide to sell usually want to sell all that they have and not just a smaller add on that they may have bought; (b) broker cost is prohibitive--they tend to have a minimum fee for any sale regardless of point size like $1,000 and thus the seller who may want to sell a small contract faces an unappealing situation where broker cost would eat up any profit and cause a loss; (c) closing costs are generally fixed regardless of size of contract -- between $450 and $500 -- and thus they can make any small point sale not desirable, e.g., 50 points at $65 a point, when $500 in closing costs are added, ends up being the same cost per point as Disney's $75 (Disney pays the closing costs).

If you are already assigned to a sales rep then that is the one Disney will keep using with you until you insist otherwise. Unless you are having a problem with the one assigned, I would likely give her a chance before asking for another.


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