Monorails before 8am non ee day??


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Mar 21, 2001
Must be trying the wrong boards as no one can help me where I have posted it! Help please!
If we are planning to be at Chef Mickey's for our ps at 8 am can we park at MK and ride the resort monorail before this time? We are spending that day at MK and would like to then go from Chef Mickey's to MK afterward. Not sure what time the resort monorail begins to run on a non ee day. Pretty sure we could not use the resort bus(PO/R) to MK that early. ??

Monorails start running one hour before scheduled park openings. If you park at TTC, you would need to jump on the resort loop monorail, then you would make a stop at Poly, then GF, Magic Kingdom, and then Contemporary (four stops), so allow time for that. If you *drive* to Contemporary, all you need to do is let the parking lot gate and the gate guard at the 'Temporary know that you're there for Chef Mickey's. You will then be given a three-hour parking pass (the pass is for non-resort guests). Then, when your three hour time is up, unfortunately, you will need to move to the TTC parking (that's if you decide to drive to the 'Temporary).
Are you sure the one resort monorail will not start before 8?? Even the CM I spoke to was confused. Our PS is at 8 and we want the car parking to be over with so we can monorail it to MK afterward. I felt sure they had the one running for resorts earlier and we showed our ps to get through last time before 8. We don't want to take the bus that morning, but could park at Contemporary for meal if need be. Maybe I should push out ps back to 8:10?? AGH! I am confusing myself. Thanks for responding!
Bump, Sorry!
Just trying to verify if the resort monorail will be running before 8 on a Wed(non ee day for MK)?? Thanks...
On our last two trips we've done Cindy's breakfast at 8am on a non-ee day. On both occasions we showed up at the MK parking lot early (7:20 or so once and 7:35 or so the second time) and on both occasions the Resort Monorail was in operation.
Thank you! We did a Cindy's 3 yrs ago at 8:05 but I remember we were pushing it and I don't remember if it was because of the monorails! You have eased my mind...:D


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