Money Saving Ideas - While on Vacation.


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Feb 1, 2001
Some of the things we have done in the past to save money while on vacation.

1.) We fly in and take a cab to the resort. If you have 4 or more people a cab is cheaper than using the transfers you can get from WDW for Mears buses.

2.) We stop at a grocery store and buy one or more styrofoam coolers ($5/per or less). Then get food and drinks to have in the room. (you can get refridgerators but they can cost $10 a day) All resorts have ice machines to keep these cool.

3.) Our kids do not like the food at places like (Italy in Epcot - for example). Ours are 11 & 14 YO. We will feed them first at counter service and let them explore will we enjoy a relaxed meal at ??????? I got tired of spending $20 - $25 per kid to watch the kids not eat.....

Who else has ideas for saving money?

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We try to drive instead of flying, that saves us big bucks.
I keep calling to try to get the best rate possible for an on-site stay. This summer we're trying the Swan, and I can't wait. Last summer, we got the Contemporary for less than what I would have paid at the Dixie Landings.
We bring softdrinks & breakfast items from home for a quick and cheap breakfast in the morning.
We've also been trying to just do a breakfast and dinner for our meals of the day, that saves us also.
My rule for the kids is you can order whatever you want off the menu, but you have to eat what you order. Sometimes, even my teenager will order off the kids menu if she isn't too hungry, or I'll share with my 5 yr old because usually, the portions are huge.
Last summer, my husband and I (and the 5 yr old) ate several meals while my older 2 went riding rides. No use paying for them to have breakfast at the Castle or dinner at Canada. They had a great time on their own, and we had a quiet meal. The older 2 also had the Villain's Dinner, while we ate at Whispering Canyon.
Good Idea my DS are 16 & 9 and would rather eat at counters. Never thought of that with the 2-way radios we can still keep in touch. :D :D
I have never taken a cab, so I have no idea what they cost... but we use Tiffany Town Car when we fly for transportation to the hotel and we are very pleased with them. They charge $80 or $85 dollars round trip depending on wich hotel you are staying at. I believe that they still have a coupon on their web page for $5 off.

Also to magic2000... do you remember what you paid last year at the CR? If memory serves me correct, the cheapest rate that I found last June was $200.

Good luck... Tom


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