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    Sep 12, 2018

    I plan to propose to my girlfriend in 3 weeks at Magic Kingdom. I have been drafting out different ways and backup plans.

    She really loves Cinderella so my initial plan is to propose in front of the Wishing Well during Early Hours. I'll flag down a photopass photographer beforehand to capture the moment. But, from what I have heard though, the pathway to this has been closed for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I hope it won't be while I am there but if not its on to plan B.

    I have a fastpass reservations for Meet Cinderella at Fairytale Hall where I plan to just tip off the Cast Members and propose there. I'm worried about doing it in front of a bunch of strangers. I read that they let you in small groups of others and there is only two of us.

    My last idea was during breakfast. I was able to get a reservation at Cinderella's Round Table. I don't plan to use their proposal package and just propose after the meal, hopefully without attracting too much attention.

    Any tips or corrections to my knowledge to make this go smoothly for me? I'm excited and nervous and would appreciate it.


    Edit: Sucess! Thanks for all the suggestions! I went with the fairytale hall and she said yes! The CM was sort of not discrete and took us into the fast pass entrance and she suspected something. Here is a picture!
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    I love your first plan! The wishing well is gorgeous and such a great spot. If not, I would try your 2nd plan, and just ask the cast members there (or "casually" place yourselves behind everyone else) if you can be the last to meet with her. They do let you in as a group but each "family" gets a chance to meet with her and take photos, etc. If you ask to go last, or place yourselves last in the "line" of your small group, hopefully it'll be a relatively private moment :)

    Congratulations and good luck! update us here on the Boards if you can afterwards!
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