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Discussion in 'The College Board' started by lilmissdisney216, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. lilmissdisney216

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    Dec 15, 2007
    Hey all!!! I'm here in FL on my college program right now and I just signed up for a PAC shift on the extra hours on the hub and wanted to know what am I going to be doing on the shift. I'm a little panicked cause I'm not sure what to expect as I've never done this before ( I work at the BBB and I picked up PAC as an extra shift). My shift is 1930-2230 so if anyone has any information for me as to what I'll be doing that would help SO much!!! Thank you!!!
  2. bopnopper9

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Looks like your just going to be working the night parade(s)! Check out the times of the parades that night. There's probably just one at 9pm judging from the time of your shift, but I'm not down there so I don't know.

    Check your schedule and see if you're working PAC South or PAC West. There's different meeting places for each. Either way, find your way to the Main Street breakroom cuz that's where you clock in. From there, you'll find loads of people who will be more than happy to help you find your way.

    Most importantly, once you get there, don't be afraid to ask questions. If you don't know something ask. Your job is to keep people safe during the parade. You may be setting up ropes and will generally just be keeping people out of the street as the parade is coming. Before the parade you get to play games, so it's very fun.

    Also, have fun! It's a fun job! I wish I was there so I could help you more and to play!

    The costume is a formal looking navy blue/white one with a white button up shirt and a navy vest on top. Navy dress pants. Black shoes, black socks. PM me if you have more questions.
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  4. lilmissdisney216

    lilmissdisney216 <font color=royalblue>Pawsitively Lovin a Labrador

    Dec 15, 2007
    On my shift details it said to meet at Adventureland Veranda so I'll have to find where that is via tunnel acess. Thank you so much!!!!!!!
  5. aznshents

    aznshents Mouseketeer

    Jan 2, 2009
    Hey there-

    I sent you a PM with all the information you'll need. Good luck!
  6. jamiebabineau

    jamiebabineau Earning My Ears

    Jan 8, 2013
    I'm doing two PAC shifts this 3 hour (night West) one and a 9 hour (south) one.

    Any advice and or a detailed explanation of what to expect, where to go, etc...


    ps. Also picked up one for Fantasmic, cant find any info of this. its only 3 hours. no clue where to go, or where costuming even is. eek!
  7. dapperdanielle

    dapperdanielle Earning My Ears

    Aug 6, 2013
    I completed my CP back in May and I worked PAC so hopefully I'll be able to help you out! Since you'll only be there for 3 hours on your west shift, you should only be working the first parade and Wishes. Since you are west side, you will be working the liberty square/frontierland portion of the parade. When I was there, west side meetings were at the green umbrella near the lockers and MO-2, but it might have moved back to it's original location in Adventureland, just ask a coordinator or another PAC CM. At the meeting, you will receive your parade position as well as a fireworks position. When you get your position, make sure you know exactly what you're doing before you head on stage. It's harder for the coordinators to explain things when they have to watch over the guests and CMs.
    For your south side shift, you will be working on Main Street. You can clock in in MO-2 or the Main Street breakroom for both of your shifts. Your south side meeting will take place in MO-2. When you clock in for your day parade shift, your position will be given to you on CDS. CDS can make things a little complicated but the PAC coordinators and CM's are very helpful, so be sure to ask any questions before you leave the meeting.

    The most important thing to remember during your shifts is to never watch the parade, you should be watching the guests at all times. Guests like to try and cross the street between floats, and it is extremely dangerous for them and the drivers. Also remember to interact with the guests in your area, there's nothing worse than a manager or coordinator walking by and seeing you standing there doing nothing.
    Have fun! PAC can be stressful but it's also one of the most amazing jobs, so enjoy yourself!

    Hope this helps!
  8. SyracuseWolvrine

    SyracuseWolvrine Hockey Fanatic

    Mar 7, 2004
    Costuming for DHS is in the cast services building right by the CM parking lot (Television). Once you go through the front door, costuming is on your left. There are changing rooms at the back of the rows of lockers.

    If I remember correctly (it's been a long time), the meeting place for Fantasmic is a trailer behind Tower of Terror. Getting there can be a challenge, I know how to walk it, but I don't have a good description of it. (I'll try anyways ...)

    Basically, go RIGHT out of the back of the cast services bldg to the main entrance, cross onstage to the Oscar's gate, make a left, go onstage, cross Sunset Ave and go backstage near the cafeteria (Take 5), then walk through the parking lot, go onstage again near Rock N Roller Coaster, cross the coaster courtyard to the gate behind the queue entrance, go backstage, walk around Tower, and then you're there. (It sounds like a long description, but it's really only about 7-10 minutes)

    (The other option is much easier, but much slower, probably about 35 minutes to walk ... go LEFT out of the back of the cast services building, and follow that road all the way around the outside of the park ... past Muppets, past Lights Motors Action, past Catastrophe Canyon, past the Engineering building, past the tram parking area for the backlot tour, past the parking garage, past the RNR parking lot and finally to the Fantasmic Trailer. Trust me, you do NOT want to walk this way ... but, if there's a bike available and it's still light out, it's not a bad bike ride ... maybe 7 minutes)

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