Mister Fans


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Jan 16, 2001

Can you purchase the mister fans in wdw parks in the summer? What price are they? Any other places to purchase them? Thanks,

Yes you can purchase them at the parks but the cost if I remember correctly last year was $15 each. I paid $3.97 at walmart before my trip.
I saw them at Walgreens for a lot less. However, I like Misty Mates better. No batteries to worry about and the cooled better.

-- Robin
I got mine on ebay for about $5 + s&H. The official web site is www.mistymate.com . I got a small 16 oz one. Bigger is not better when you have to carry all that water around with you!

-- Robin
We're going to wdw for our 1st summer trip(always spring or fall before) Started listing all the things recommended for rain & heat(ponchos or umbrella, wet washcloths, water bottles, mister fans etc) & decided I'd collaspe under the weight of everything 1st! Just found 4-5" high 2 AA battery operated fans at Wal-Mart for $.94. They come with a hook so they can attach to a keyring, belt loop, etc. We'll have extra batteries for my son's cd player & gameboy anyway so these seemed lighter & cheaper. We always bring small squirt guns with us that easily fit in a pocket for fun while waiting in lines. Now just have to decide on 1 liter or 1/2 liter water bottles.

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