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"with this ring, I ask you to be mine" 10.31.07
Nov 14, 2005
ok, just my thoughts ..I am sitting in the HRH at Universal right now. please don't take this the wrong way, but boy - do I miss my DVC!!! as beautiful as this is - it's a HOTEL....just left the BWV after 3 nights and it felt like a HOME.. serious!!!

first thing I noticed was the HUGE space difference, soundproofing is definitely not great here! ( can hear toilets, people talking), the bathroom layout is poor to say it kindly ( when you open the door, it swings within 1/2 inch of the toilet), no light in the shower !! :rotfl2: , no balcony to sit on with my coffee, and that's all I've noticed in my 24 hours on property....oh yes, one more thing! we checked in at 10am and our room was not ready until 4:30 - wow! I've never had that happen at Disney....

on the plus side, the rock music is great, got a free CD on check-in and their public bathroom is stunning!! but I'll take my DVC anyday..

thanks for listening to my vent! heading home this evening ..then I can replan my next trip home! :wave2: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all...


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Jul 18, 2004
I understand your heartache, but it will be ok when you start by passing all the lines later. The one night one kill you, we usually do the same, have fun!!!


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Apr 30, 2002

We stayed at the HRH in March, and on my luggage were our DVC tags. The Bell Hop happened to notice and commented..............

"Enjoy your stay, but it's no DVC!" :rotfl2:

I'm gonna make sure that I stay at US/IOA prior to WDW!

But you will enjoy the FOTL!

Happy Mother's Day!



"with this ring, I ask you to be mine" 10.31.07
Nov 14, 2005
:rotfl2: that reminds me, Ed at the valet saw my Disney bag and told the other guy " throw that in the garbage -it's Disney" :rotfl2: ...being from NY, I let Ed know how I felt! hahaha.....and yes, FOTL privileges are great! good thing is this trip here, I learned how to use Fastpass to my advantage and didn't really wait on any lines at Disney either....

ps/ even with FOTL, my kids waited 45 minutes for DD at IOA ......probably because it's only open on the weekends while being refurbished


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Mar 21, 2001
We stayed at HRH back when it first opened in 2001. WE LOVED IT! It was so awesome. The pool area was fantastic. We had a pool view room in the "basement". The bed was so comfortable but you are right about the bathroom. It had a weird layout. We'd definitely consider HRH again if staying over at Universal but rooms there aren't too cheap anymore. (We got the Entertainment rate of $99 per night when we were there--I don't think you can go that cheap anymore). We loved HRH so much that we booked an extra night while we were there.

But...funny thing is... though we loved it so...we haven't been back since! :teeth:

But then again, we had a hard time adjusting to the AKL after staying 5 days in a 1 bdrm OKW. As great as the AKL was, we just wished we had stayed there first. We got so spoiled by our OKW 1 bdrm.


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