Minnestan's Birthday Bash - Day 5

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    Since this post is looking like it will be just above Day 4 I'm just going to keep typing.

    Day 5
    August 19th

    seeing as we had hardly set foot on any Magic Kingdom Attraction except those on e-night we started our day by getting the last of our wishes avaliable at the resort, packing and preparing for everything we hoped to still get that day. We realised we had planned to pack way to much into our few hours remaining at WDW so we decided to skip the last 2 rides we had left at MGM and started at Epcot Finishing Future world and then cruising the World Showcase shopping. sara had decided she wanted to buy me a bottle of my favorite wine from the night before in Germany. We also decided to use some wishes to get the Animation cells they were offering. We had all these thing sent to the main gate for pick up. This time we plaed it smart, instead of picking them up right away we went to magic Kingdom empty handed. We rode a few of the rides we still wanted to get in but some will have to wait until our next trip as they had up to 70 minute waits. We also realised we were not getting to Downtown Disney to shop so we did our shopping on Main Street instead. We had figured out we could watch the Share a Dream Come True Parade, pick up or packages at Epcot and make it back to the resort by 4:15pm EST to meet our Driver.
    The parade Started at 3:00pm EST at the opposite end of the park. We had figured we had to leave no later than 3:35 and by 3:20 we had not seen a single float. At that point I wanted to see Mickey and Sara wanted to see Belle then we would be happy. Fortuantly we got to see the whole thing as we bolted out of the park.
    On our monorail ride to Epcot it began to gently rain. Upon our arrival at Epcot, it began to Monsoon dropping 4 inches of rain in about 15 minutes. (I'm not kidding it was ankle deep! and I'm not that short) Needless to say we were pretty wet when we reached package pick up. We got our stuff and ran through the water and rain to the bus stop. By this time we were soked to the bone. We could not have gotten any wetter if we rode Kali River Rapids all day!
    we got to our resort and in the building just in time for it to get struck by lightening. (This is Absolutly True! I do not lie in Trip reports!) all the lights flashed and the fire alarms all started screaming along with car alarms of cars parked near the building. It was pretty weird but we figured with all that had happened this trip whay not add gettting struck by lightening too?!
    Our driver was waiting for us and gave Sara a minute to change into dry clothes. Where we were really impressed with our first driver at 2:30 in the moring the day we arrived we were not al all impressed with the second driver. He was upset we were 5 minutes late (It was 4:20 pm, our flight didn't leave until 6:51pm) and was worse with our luggage that the airlines! He put my carry on (With my $80 CD player, $115 Camera, and $95 cell phone along with several breakable souvinears in it) on the bottom of the trunk and litterally threw Sara's suitcase ontop. I casually but pointedly stated that if anything was broken in my bag Tiffany was replacing it and paying for the broken one. He really didn't care. While waiting for Sara (Which was not more than a few minutes) he went into the car and lit up a cigarette.
    This wouldn't be too bad if I wern't allergic to Tobacco. I waited on the curb and when Sara came out he did not even get out to open the doors like our first driver. We really didn't care but it was just one more thing. Sara, being a pretty upbeat person tried making conversation with me and the driver. The driver was blatantly ignoring her and I was starting to go into Anaphaletic shock. My medication, since our driver insisted on putting my purse in the trunk too against my arguments, was out of my reach. Instead I asked if I could open a window or if he could put on the vents. He refused. I told him I was getting dizzy and was having trouble breathing because of his smoking and he still refused. I opened the window anyway and tried to control my breathing.
    When we finally arrived at the airport he opened Sara's door for her on his way to the trunk. Since I was desprate to get out of the car I started to just slide over. He looked me right in the face and slammed the door. figuring he was just being rude I tried to open my own door. He had the child safety lock on so it wouldn't budge. I even tried opening it from the outside by reaching through the window but I couldn't reach the handel.
    Sara thankfully noticed my near panic and informed the driver he had lokced me in the car. She said he just stood there waiting for a tip for a few seconds then finally opened my door. Usually the two of us tip pretty well even for a so-so job done but this time I just stormed past him barely breathing into the airport to take my meds. Sara did the same.
    By this time I was very wet, cold, and sick. While getting the medication through me I changed clothes in a bathroom then repacked my luggage a third time and went to stand in line to check in for our flight. When lo and behold I look up at a monitor to notice Flight 145 to Atlanta was Cancelled. Not daelyed or late, cancelled. Not what I wanted to see, I practically broke down into tears right there in the airport.
    We made it up to the counter to find out they could get us to Atlanta at 8:00 that night. When we asked about getting to Minneapolis from there the flight attendant sighed and told us we would have to be comped a hotel and all that night as there were no more flights to Minneapolis.
    during the Rain at Epcot Sara noticed her eye (That was injured a few weeks before we left) was getting really foggy so while I was calling work to tell them I was not going to be in the next day at 10:oo CTS she was calling her eye specialist. (Weren't we doing well at this point? :confused: ) Once we got our vouchers for food, transportation, and hotel that night as well as our flight info the next morning we went to eat at Chili's Too in the Airport. We both ate as much as we could and we both needed a good drink too. Following dinner we halued our luggage to the Disney Store where we finished shopping and then called for pick up to the La Quinta Inn and Suites where we would be staying the night.
    we checked into the La Quinta with no problems and got a really really nice Suite! At least Something in teh second half the day went right! We re packed our luggage a 4th time this time getting everything in a place where we wouldn't have to guess about getting it all onto the plane and went to bed at about 1:00 am EST. So much for getting home at 10:30 CST that night but at leat we got all our expenses that night comped and a free roundtrip airfare to any one of 38 destinations for the trouble.

    Coming Soon to a chat board near you...
    Day 6 - Still not home.
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    I hope once you finally got home, you contacted Tiffany about your second driver. There is NO excuse for his behavior. Of course I would also hope you raved about your first driver first (that way they'll understand taht you initally loved their service).

    I think I'm afriad to read what might happen to your poor gals next!
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    Oh my! I hope it gets better.

    Thanks for the report!

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