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    Sorry it has taken me so long to finish this report. I just started classes again at College, Chemistry and Algebra (Ish!!!) and have been busy with new hous at work since returing. Anyways here is Day 4.

    For those just joining and a recap for those who were reading but might have forgotten... This was a short trip August 15-19th to celebrate my 21st birthday. I'm Amanda and I traveled with my best friend from H.S. Saralyn. We were also celebrating her belated 21st birthday.

    Day 4
    August 18th

    We started the day Finishing up MGM studios which wwas pertty uneventful. We did notice that Disney seemed to have a lot of stuff under renovation. There seemed to be signs everywhere saysing sorry for the mess. At about 3:30pm EST we decided to go back to our resort to change clothes for Cirque Du Soleil that night but we had decided to leave MGM early enough that we could change then make it back to the park to watch the Stars and Motorcars parade at 5:00pm then on to Downtown Disney from there. Well as usual our best laied plans were fouled up again as the busses were at that point running 25 minutes behing schedule according to one driver. We made it to the resort, changed clothes, grabbed the tickets for Cirque and out the door. We made it back to MGM about 2 nminutes after the parade ended so we just went from one bus stop to the other to make it to Cirque on time.
    we arrived at the Arena, if that's what you want to call it, about 10 minutes before the show started. Words can't describe our opinions of the show. Awesom and phenominal just don't do it justice. We think we are going to make that a yearly tradition when ever we go back. Our seats were front row on the main floor, I forget which section but we were right at the corner of the stage, as far as you can get to the left side of the stage. (Note: I am I light technitian from H.S. My left stage is viewing it from the audience perspective which I think is backwards, go figure.)
    Following Cirque we knew we wouldn't have much time to make it from Downtown Disney to Epcot for our preferred viewing of Illuminations but on our hike to the bus stop I realised I forgot the vouchers in our room. We deciced to head for the Boardwalk hotel and figured we could get replacements from them or Gest relations at the park. The worst they could say was we had to go back to the All Stars and get them or forget it. Since we had already lost the other two (See Day 2 if you're lost on that one) we didn't really mind if we lost the third the way Our luck was running.
    At the Boardwalk the woman at the desk called epcot and told us we just had to go to guest relations at one of the gates and we could get replacement vouchers there. Since at this point all the boats seemed to be headed to MGM instead of Epcot we hiked it to Epcot by foot. Normally that would not be such a feat but we managed to do it in 5 minutes, we were practically running. We remembered our vouchers said to be at the Morocco Boat landing at 8:30pm EST, by this time it was 8:20 and we were at the International gateway.
    I explained our situation to the woman at the gest relations window and it seemed that she could really care less. She was pretty rude in telling me that no one had called her and there was absolutly nothing that she could do for me. "They don't do that sort of thing". You would have sworn I had asked them to let me ride on the globe in the show! Needless to say I was pretty mad we hurried to get to guest relations for no reason. I even had to practically convince her that they did have a seating at Morocco. This time I decided I was sitting in that area if it killed me, I ws going to use at least one of those vouchers!
    Hiking it at warp 9 again, Sara and I made it to Morocco by 8:30, explained the situation to the two security officers at the gate who said it was no problem, they would take our word for it. Since we had some time (And shoe leather) to burn we walked at our now usual pace to Germany to get some wine, then back to Morocco by 9:00 for the start. It was really nice watching the show with a fairly unobstructed view and a really good glass of wine.
    After the show we knew we had no chance of making to to the busses we hung out at Morocco for a while then for once that day CASUALLY walked to the front gate. We were hoping to go back to Downtown Disney for some shopping but there are no busses running from there. We were told at the epcot bus info that we could get one from the TTC. So we went up to the monorail and went to the TTC. There we were told that there wern't any busses running from there either and we would have to go to one of the resorts. We got back on the monorail and got off at the Polynesian since neither of us had even in that hotel before. We knew DTD closed at 11:00pm EST and by the time we finally got a bus and arrived there it was exactly... 11:02pm EST.
    extremely tired and plus a few blisters from our speed walking around the world in dress shoes we decided to skip the clubs as planned and attemptto work our way back to the hotel before 3:00am EST. We actually made it by about 11:45pm. Since we had to leave the next day we decided to pack a little that night so we didn't have as much to do the next morning. Once again we went to bed at about midnight.

    Coming soon to a caht board near you...
    Day 5 - Our last day...Or so we thought.
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    Theres nothing like trying to hurry around Disney. I've done that before and boy are you worn out when you are done. :) Glad the security guards were nice and let you in. :)
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    Ok, you tired me out just reading this!

    Thanks again for sharing!

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