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Sep 15, 1999
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this is what I came up with but the largest city per population in India really took me a while

So I just joined milesource for DH and I. But, I am confused. Please help...

Do you get the bonus points daily by clicking on a link (separate window that pops up when I am visiting the daily point sites)? If so, and I missed doing that, can I revisit the page & get bonus points?

How do I get the trivia to come up, so I can put in the answers you so generously gave us?

Once I click on Sklif from the Milesource website, do I then hit "sign in" or do I go to "view games"?

Can I use these points for any airline? disney dollars?
onsite resort?

What other reward programs should I try to get $$ towards my next disney trip?

1. First The Trivia is on the sin in page or home page.Right hand side.

2.Then when finished with Trivia click on click fix then click on each site wait til it loads and tells you your points have been recorded then click on back arror and chose click fix home page and go to the next

I do not do Sklif someone else will have to help you with that.


to earn something in Milesource, assuming you do it every day? What is the best thing to get?

Thanks so much.
LOL...I was so confused when I saw this post!! I wonder why this was bumped up??


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