ME report (5/5 & 5/10)

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    Sep 27, 2004
    We just returned from a fantastic trip and a wonderful stay at the Contemporary. We did not receive our ME tags before we left, but were assured by the ME people (called the number several times before we left) that not having tags would be ok. We arrived late (delayed flight out of O'Hare) in Orlando and proceeded down to baggage claim. Along the way we spotted the ME people and they told me that once we had claimed our bags we should come back up to them and they would direct us to the ME desk. We found the desk and waited in a line to check in with them. Because we had not received our ME information, the Disney people check us in and printed us our bus vouchers. We then got into the line for the Contemporary and waited for about 10-15 for our bus to leave. The wait seemed especially long and our bus seemed to be just sitting out there. We actually boarded a cruise line bus, so they must have been borrowing some of those buses for ME. Also, our luggage was put on our bus. The bus ride over was ok, but the video was playing much too loudly considering it was about 12:30am. From reading on these boards, I knew we would be in the same zone as the Poly, GF, and WL, but we also stopped at Port Orleans. Maybe because it was so late and not all the buses were running. We did eventually arrive at the Contemp at 1am. All in all it was exhausting.

    The return trip went more smoothly. We received some ME information under our door the day before we were to leave. Surprisingly, our return flight information was missing even thought we had given the ME people our flight numbers the night we arrived. Anyway, we called the number and were told to be out at the ME bus stop at 8:30am (our flight was at 11:40 am). Our bus arrived right at 8:30, the driver collected our bus vouchers, and we were off to the WL, Poly, and GF. At the airport, we checked our own bags because we never did get any kind of luggage tags.

    We definitely thought the ME had some kinks to work out, but not having the luggage tags and bus vouchers before we left seemed to be ok.

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