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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by MycatlovesEeyore, Sep 21, 2005.

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    I know it sounds a bit odd but we love having the freedom of a car while staying @ WDW. We do a lot of resort hopping and a car facilitates that much easier than the buses/ boats and monorail. However, with a family of four and occasional visitors with us, sometimes the trip from/to the airport can get a bit crowded and tight with the luggage. Can you use ME just to handle the bags and arrange for your own transportation? We did use ME to go to MCO on Monday for the bags and we drove our rental, but I was wondering if ME would get the checked bags for an arriving flight and deliver to the resort even if you picked up a rental @ MCO and drove yourself? And if so, what would you do about the two carseats for the children?
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    No, they won't just transport your luggage to your resort. But, one of you can get the rental car and drive and the rest of you can use ME and send all of your luggage with ME.
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    If you use this method, be sure to NOT use any of the DME tags with the name of the car driver on them. Since they only ship the luggage of people who boarded the bus (they scan the vouchers upon boarding), if there is a tag or two with the driver's name on it, they won't be shipped to the resort because the driver never boarded the bus, KWIM?

    This shouldn't be a problem. You get 2 tags per person, so your party will have 8 DME tags. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're not checking more than 6 bags.

    By the way, DME tags have two names on them, the name of the person who made the master WDTC reservation, and the name of the exact individual. In some cases, such as mine, the same name will be on there twice. I'm not explaining this well, let me try again. Each member of the party will have his/her name on 2 DME tags. Also on EVERY DME tag in your party is the name of the person who MADE the reservation.

    -- Eric :earsboy:

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