May/June 2001 Trip -- Part 9: Islands of Adventure – Spider-Man, Where You At?

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    May 26, 2001

    The cast:
    Me (the 29-year old)

    As I approached Islands of Adventure, they were letting people in already. I had a feeling that everyone was veering left to Marvel Super Hero Island, so I veered right to go to Dueling Dragons. As I entered the Lost Continent, I saw that the torch on the griffon statue was burning! I guess gas must be cheaper now! I took a picture to remember the moment.

    Everyone must be stuck at Marvel Super Hero Island or Seuss Landing since the Lost Continent was nearly deserted! I saw about a dozen guests. I did see one employee pushing a hot dog cart. He lost control of the cart and it ran into a trashcan. Buns and ketchup spilled everywhere! He shook his fist at the trashcan. His supervisor was behind him and was laughing!

    I put my gear into a locker and headed into Dueling Dragons. I took a lot of Dueling Dragon queue photos and entered the loading area. The ride seemed deserted. Trains were going off with many empty rows. The only real wait was for the front and it was only a few minutes, at most. I was able to ride the front seats of Fire and Ice two times each.

    I love riding in the front seat! I don’t get to do it too often because the lines are so long for the front. The front seat is a different experience. You can see everything that goes on, from the twists, turns, and near misses without someone else’s head in the way. I like Ice for the near miss with the wall. Fire has some neat near misses with some trees.

    After Dueling Dragons, I headed to Spider-Man. The wait was around 30 minutes. I flashed my room key and went through the Universal Express line. I was on in a few minutes. I was in a Scoop with a bunch of kids. I think they were 10 to 12 years old. The Spider-Signal at the beginning was missing. I don’t think the sound was working in the Scoop because I couldn’t hear half the dialogue or the music. Some of the Scoop physical effects weren’t working. The most noticeable one was when Spider-Man jumps on the Scoop. It was expecting a big thud and the Scoop to tilt forward. Nothing happened! It was like he jumped on the sofa!

    It didn’t matter though. The kids made their own sounds. At every screen, the kids cheered loudly and applauded. They went wild over every scene! When one kid couldn’t see Spider-Man, he said, “Spider-Man, where you at?” Even though the Scoop wasn’t working correctly, this was one of the best Spider-Man rides I’ve had. The kid’s excitement made me excited too. It’s like watching a funny movie. If you’re in a theater, you laugh a lot more than when you’re watching it alone. People’s laughter is infectious. If a lot of people laugh, you must laugh too. If a lot of people have fun, you must have fun too! I rode it a second time. I heard all the sounds (the Spider-Signal wasn’t there still), but it wasn’t as fun without the excited kids.

    I had some time to take some photos of the Hulk before I had to meet RhondaS in front of Confscio’s Grill.
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    Glad to hear you had a great ride on SM. :)
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    I always go on the hulk 2 times and head to DD because no one is ever there!

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