Maximum number of days??


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Jun 28, 2000
I've searched and can't find anything--

Is there a maximum number of days for renting a campsite?

Retiring next year and was thinking about planning a looooong stay.

I have never heard there being a limit on the number of days you can stay there. You might want to try Central Reservations or call FW directly.

I'm jealous. I'd love to spend a loooooong stay at FW!

I don't believe there is a limit. I always see some RV's down there EVER YEAR, no matter which week I go in the spring. I have only concluded that they rent the site by the season, NOT the day. Have Fun, as I am a little bit jealous.


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They must have some type of long term stay, we have been there several time since x-mas nd have seen at least a handful of people that have not moved in quite a few monthes, Fort Wilderness does have mail boxes available at the bike barn, it sure would be fun to spend the Winter in fort wilderness :D :D

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If you got the money they will take it.

Can't wait.
There used to be a 2 week limit. The way to get around it was to make back to back reservations. The catch there was losing time from you vacation to do the check in and check out. Last year we learned that they have a "snow bird" rate. That is a monthly rate for the winter months and it is a contract. As one would expect it is much more expensive than the monthly rates of off site campgrounds. I think it was double the rate my parents pay off site. My parents learned that this year the snow bird rate ended a month earlier - March 1st instead of April 1st. Wouldn't it be great to spend the winter at FW? Maybe after being in the MK every day for 5 months I'll be able to say I had enough time in the MK - NOT. At least it might give me time to fit in EPCOT without complaining the whole time I am there.

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