Marrakesh and Kids


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Apr 23, 2000
Not what you think...We are going to...or should say, I want to go to...Marrakesh for one of our PS. But I was wondering if anyone can tell me if their kids liked the food offerings. I have a 6 and 7 year old. One is a pretty adventurous eater, the other is not. And I am talking more about things that look strange to them. They actually don't care much about the typical mac and cheese, but thngs that look a lot different than home.

Any help here? I have read the menu and it sounds yummy, but wanted to know if I should prepare myself for the kids not to like much here.
It has been my experience that they will come up with something. my daughter is not an adventurous eater but she and i both agreed it was a great place to eat:D
Both my children loved eating at Marrakesh, even when they were young. The food is not all that exotic and the childrens menu's have some items that most children will enjoy. Kids also enjoy the 'G' rated belly dancing and are often encouraged to participate. :D
We went with my Mum and 7yo Twin Girls.
It was great, they got to do some coloring in (Aladdin and Genie) on the order sheet and were selected to do dance with the Belly Dancer which was great! The photos alone were worth the price of the meal.

Bonus: Not many people seem to know that the Aladdin Characters have a special appreance room/area at the back of Morocco opposite Marrakesh. While waiting for our PS, we got photos with the Genie and Princess Jasmine, the Twins favourite Disney Princess!


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