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Jul 26, 2001
I have a friend that her daughter has cancer...She is only 10 years old. Anyways the foundation is sending them to Disney. She said that there is special villas set up for the program. Does anyone know where this maybe. They told her it is on site.

A co-worker of mine just went last year on a Make a wish fund. They stayed at a villa offsite but they provided all the transporation and meals. He said it was teriffic and the staff there couldn't do enough for them. His kids didn't even want to leave there because there was so much going on. It's an amazing place and they didn't put any money out of pocket, except for bottled water which he went to Walmart for as he drinks a lot of water and wanted it on hand in the room.

The fridge was already stocked with juices and snacks for them too.

The name of the place is Give the Kids the World and they do have a website
Sorry, I messed up on the name, the actual name is
Give kids the world and here is their website.

this place is amazing as they are totally run on donations and the staff there is strickly volunteers.
give kidstheworld is awesome. A little boy I took care of went 2 years ago. it even paid for his nurse to accompany them. The place is great, everthing is included, even universal and seaworld were options for them. The place is beautiful and the food is great. Its on 192 right by the walmart.

Thank you so much for sharing the website for this wonderful place! I am sitting here in tears! I am a very grateful breast cancer survivor and I have found a place to give something back! This is perfect and I never would have found out about it without these boards!
Our family had a Disney vacation thanks to Make-A-Wish and stayed at Give Kids the World! I just want to add what others have said, that is a remarkable, VERY special place!
I just wanted to let you know GKTW is a wonderful place. I volunteer there about once a month. We watch the kids while the parents have a night out (dinner at a local restaurant). It is a truly magical place and the kids can do whatever they want from swimming to filling up on ice cream sundaes.
The village is not on Disney property. It is in Kissimmee off Highway 192.
Hope that helps,

Thanks for all the info.....She called and they are leaving this Sunday for 5 nights. They are doing Disney, Sea World, & Universal Studios. I told her what you all said & I think they will have a wonderful time.
I am so happy I found the DIS Boards and you wonderful people:wave:

I have a little 6 yrs old girl who has been in my Daycare since 6 weeks and was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia at age 18 months. She has been through 2 bone marrow transplants which didn't work:( We almost lost her to pneumonia this past Dec. but with prayers and love she pulled through. She has been wanting to go down to Florida, her grandparents live down there, she wants to go to Disney & Sea World. Make A Wish has been in contact and now finding about this wonderful place I think her wish will come true.
Thank you all for the info on GKTW:bounce: :bounce:
There are a number of regular readers of the disABILITIES Board have been granted MAKE A WISH trips to WDW and stayed at Give Kids the World Village. You might also want to follow the link in my signature to check out the disABILTIES Board.
Have fun!
It's wonderful to hear such great things about Make-A-Wish and Give Kids the World. I am a MAW Wish Granter and have sent several young kids to Disney. I am very blessed to part of such a terrific organization. I was lucky enough to get a tour of GKTW last summer and was in complete awe. They are wonderful!


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