Maid Service when using DVC points


Feb 9, 2001
Can someone please explain what type of maid service is included when staying on points? I have a ressie for one week at VWL and noticed that they will do trash and towels only mid way. Just curious, what do they charge if you want full service everyday? Is the maid service policy the same if you stay at a non-vacation club property such as the Polynesian or DCL? When my DH agreed to purchase, he didn't know we wouldn't be treated exactly as a hotel guest.:eek:
Housekeeping service is provided on the 4th day. It will provide fresh towels and empty trash for you.

If you want more frequent housekeeping service, it is available for a fee (since these are Home-Away-From-Home resorts). The charge begins at $25 for a Studio and increases $5 with each of the larger villas. Consider it a users fee, as many have found they don't need the extra service.

Daily service is included with the non-DVC reosrts on points (one reason why the points are higher at these resorts.)

For stays of 8 days or more at all DVC resorts, a full service (clean linens, vacuuming, towels, etc.) is provided on day 4 and a trash/tidy 4 days later.
I will be at BWV for 5 nights in August. Can I move up my Trash and Towel day to say the 3rd day?
I think you can do that. Be aware that Disney counts check-in day as day 1. So, day 4 may be what you'd consider day 3 anyway. Enjoy!
I think you'll find out like many of us that daily maid service is not needed and the provided services are fine and if you absolutley needed it you can pay for it, but it's not cheap.
Just seconding what Norm said. The idea of no maid service seems strange at first but I think you'll find it's no problem. You can make the bed (or not), throw the towels in the washer with some of your clothes, turn on the dishwasher and drop the garbage on your way out. No big deal. If you are in a studio and don't have the washer, you can pay $6 for an additional set of towels.

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