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Earning My Ears
Jan 23, 2001
First of all I would like to thank you all for all your help in planning what I am hoping to be the best Honeymoon for me and my wife to be! first a little about me. My name is Joe I'm a professional chef from central Pa. My wife to be is a first year elementary music teacher. We are getting married on Feb. 24th and are leaving for our honeymoon on March 3rd. I'm going to give you an Idea of what I have planned so far (this is a surprise for her, she only knows where we are going, not what were are doing). I would LOVE to get as much feedback from all of the Disney experts I read about! So feel free to pick it apart and through in your 2 cents!

Saturday- Arrive in Orlando at 2:00pm, limo to Portofino resort in Universal dinner and the rest of the evening at city-walk!

Sunday - VIP tour at Universal, rest of the day in Universal studios and dinner at Emeril's and drinks back at the hotel.

Monday - Islands of Adventure all day, lunch at Mythos and dinner at the resort.

Tuesday - Town car picks us up at Portofino and takes us to Yacht Club! Quick check in and off to MGM to do as much as we can! Dinner at Down town Disney (Portobello Yacht Club) and some night life !!

Wednesday - VIP tour (Backstage Magic) back to Epcot to do a little World Showcase. Shower and change and a town car to V&A's for a very, very nice dinner!!

Thursday - Magic Kingdom all day lunch at the castle and dinner at the Yachtsman Steak House after dinner a private Illuminations Cruise! After that a walk down the boardwalk and back to the resort!

Friday - AK in the morning. Back to Epcot for lunch at Coral Reef and to finish Future World. Later we are going to have dinner at the Calf. Grill and watch the fireworks!

Saturday - we leave Orlando in the am!

FYI we have the deluxe magic plan for Disney (so we are going to try and eat at all the best restaurants)!


Joe Wiles
"We are Penn State"
Oh your wife to be is so lucky! Hope you both have a wonderful time and best wishes for your future.
How wonderful!! Lucky Girl!

Why don't you try to eat at the Sunset Grill in HRH. Kelley previously posted that the former Chef of California Grill is now the head Chef at Sunset.
We loved California Grill in late 99. I believe, it was heads above the other establishments at WDW. Yum,Yum.

Save time for renting a Cabana by the Portifino pool for relaxing. OOolala!



Just want to say how impressed I am that you've planned out all the details of the trip. Just remember once you're there that the plans should be flexible - There may be something you don't even know about now that you may want to do - just relax and be willing to change the plans some if need be. It sounds like y'all will have a wonderful time. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding - Best wishes for many years of happiness.

Donna R.

Thanks all for the kind words and advice !

I know the outline looks like a lot but I just wanted to plan ahead on anything that might need ps's or reservations!

do you think I can wing World Showcase in a few hours? both of us have talked about it and we both feel that we just want to look around at a buildings and skip the tourism mombo-jombo that each area has to offer!


Joe Wiles
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." Walt Disney
First, congratulations and you've done a great job planning!

Yes, you can do the World Showcase in a few hours easily. If your plans do become a little more flexible, you may want to eat dinner at Le Cellier in Canada in EPCOT. Very romantic.

Don't forget to save time at night to soak in the jacuzzi...
Thanks for all the great info !!

Leaving in 2 days ! Any last advice?

Thanks to all

Ps Wedding was perfect :eek:

Joe Wiles
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." Walt Disney

Here's an idea...you might want to go to Sak Comedy Club and do a tribute. Sak is an improv comedy club (like TV's "Whose Line is It Anyway?") and the tribute is a skit about you. You fill out an information sheet and they work off the sheet. It costs $75. Check it out at: www.sak.com. You may be able to buy the tape if they are taping the night's show.


Barry Hom
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When I got home the only thing I wished I had done differently was ride on a float in the Mardi Gras parade at USF. It really looked like fun. The parade starts at park closing - maybe you could push your Emeril's reservation back a little if necessary. The VIP tour people could tell you how to sign up.
I too am VERY impressed with any man that plans a vacation. Keep it up. It has been my job for the last 16 years of my marriage (well - he kind of helped with our honeymoon plans, then that was it!). I assume from your moniker that you went to the CIA in Hyde Park. That being the case, while I'm sure you'll have a GREAT time in Disney World remember, nobody goes to WDW for the food! I'm sure you eat MUCH better at home! That notwithstanding, I've had excellent meals at the Flying Fish restaurant, Artist Point (In the Wilderness Lodge) and the Japanese restaurant in the World Showcase. Yes, I do think you could see World Showcase in a few hours. The comedy club at Downtown Disney was great fun as were the dance clubs. Have a wonderful time!
I just got back from the Portofino Bay last night--my third trip to the PBH in a year. I definitely think you should rent a cabana at the Villa Pool--it's a great deal, and very relaxing (and very adult).

I think the only restaurant you're missing is the Flying Fish. It's my favorite restaurant in Orlando (I've taken 9 trips in the past three years)and I am a big time foodie from Manhattan. I was at the California Grill (our second favorite)on Tuesday night and the chef, Clifford Pleau, is definitely still there. We sat at the sushi bar and watched him make a special dinner for some very lucky people somewhere in the restaurant (private room, perhaps?).

Your planning is going to make this wonderful trip, no matter you choose to do.

Best wishes


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