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Apr 27, 2000
We will be in Orlando late Feb. Would like to try a resurant at Universal/IOA something slightly upscale. We have only been to IOA/Universal once so we are not familiar with the park at all. So any info would be great!Also how do you make ressies? Can you make PS like Disney?
Definitely Mythos! What a fun place, one of the few upscale restaurants within IOA/USF. All the servers are named for Greek gods (Ares was our server LOL!)

If you want a Citywalk restaurant, I'd try Emeril's. I think its a coat-required place, I've never been in it but I've heard good things about it (and who can resist Emeril anyway!)
Hi Sondra,

I second Melanie's suggestions! I just wanted to add another one. If you would like a change of scenery you can make a reservation at Mama della's at Portofino hotel. Its a beautiful boat ride from City Walk and the restaurant has excellent Italian food. Nice atmosphere. You can walk around the property and see the shops as well. It would be a nice evening. Also another plus is you could eat later if you like since you would have to eat dinner in the
parks earlier due to them closing. I think the parks close at 8P meaning you would have to have a 6P ressie for Mythos. City Walk and emerils is another story they are open very late but if you decide on Emeril's book it now! Here are a few #'s for you.
1-800-711-0080 (ask for dining)
1-407-224-4404 (direct #)
1-407-503-1000(portofino dining reservations)
1-407-224-2424 (Emeril's)
Enjoy! :D

My hubby hates packing a "dinner jacket" when we are doing "theme park" vacations. He thinks it should be a relaxed fun experience, without the stupid tradition of men wearing a "jacket", which I tend to agree. In any case, can he get away with wearing a nice dressy shirt and pants to "Emeril's rather than us packing that stupid jacket just for one dinner? Thanks a bunch!

"Tootles ! " Uneamie

The only dress code at Emerills is no sleeveless shirts. Although most men there will be wearing a jacket. I'll be there Feb. 27 for my 30th wedding anniversary so i'll probably wear one, but if not for that I would likely wear a golf shirt and Dockers. For as much money as it costs, you should at least be comfortable.
thanks for the info. We don't like to pack fancy clothes on these types of vacations either. The greek one sounds interesting. I think we will need to nights for dinner. So we may try Margarittaville also!
I'm assuming Mythos is Greek cuisine, is it to fancy to take 2 young children to?
My parents went to Emeril's this past Aug. and my dad said that hardly a sole was wearing a jacket, and they said the food was incredible. Have fun on your vacation!


Hi LeahA,

The food at Mytho's is listed as full service dining featuring fresh, contemporary cuisine served in a mystical setting. I remember seeing a lot of fish specials when I was there. I dont recall it being Greek food. Happy Hour and live entertainment 3-5P daily. I had dessert here not a full meal and it was delicious. I think the name was warm choc banana gooey cake. Something like that! :D
They offered a kids menu as well.
Nope it's definitely not Greek cuisine at Mythos...just really good food presented absolutely wonderfully.

I had a chicken dish with cheese and roasted garlic cloves. It was great, I very rarely do the high-society type eating, it was fun to get one of those fancy prepared dishes like you see on TV LOL!!
Anf Mythos is right in the middle of IOA (inside the park) so there is definately no need to dress up.

I'm sorry we didn't have the opportunity to try this restaurant on our last trip! Maybe this time around! :D
On our last summer vacation my family and I had lunch at Mythos and it was delicous! I had the porkchops and they were in a sauce that was REALLY good. I also had the warm chocolate bannana gooey cake that JessicaR spoke of. If you can't eat a meal at LEAST have the bannana cake stuff. Even though it was a big lunch it STILL didn't stop me from riding DUeling Dragons and The hulk! ;) My stomach must be made of steel :D


We have Emerils booked for March. I was told only no sleeveless for men. My husband wouldnt want a jacket either. Never been but only heard great things.


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