Little AK info/rumor, and other tid bits.

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    Jan 8, 2001
    We did the AK "Backstage Safari" tour Thursday morning- if you're an AK fan, take this tour- and during a Q&A session someone asked if anything new was in the works "animal wise" for the park. Our guide stated his wife worked in the AK horticulture section and had informed him that people from her section had just returned from a stay in Peru and had brought back many seed samples. He wouldn't elaborate any further, just kinda let us draw our own conclusions.

    Tid bits:

    Saw a t-shirt that said "Reedy Creek unfair to Firefighters". What's that all about ??

    New fireworks at MK, "Wishes....". GREAT SHOW. In the past, DW and I would view the fireworks from behind the castle,over at 20k area. DON'T DO THIS for Wishes. Be in front of the castle - but not too close,stay on Mainstreet- because what they do is unbelievable.

    Had a chance to talk to a few CM's. They seem very optomistic and up-beat about what's going on in the parks, as if Disney has "turned the corner" so to speak. I think if they're happy, we're going to be happy.

    Timekeeper is open, it looks great, worked flawlessly. Can't imagine why it has been shutdown for so long.Appears to require minimal CM support. While I don't enjoy standing during an attraction, it is a show I'd like to see more then once every 2-3 years.

    Diamond Horseshoe's new show: TERRIBLE. This show can't last. Chaos is the best word to describe it. I'm glad that they didn't really do anything to the interior of the Saloon other then put some wooden charactors on the bar. After seeing the interior and watching the show, it makes me wonder what took so long to open the new show.Hopefully this show will end before a little kid gets hurt.

    Backlot tour at MGM: I like the new route the trolley takes us on. We get to see a section of MGM we've never seen before.

    One last thing: Had a conversation with a train engineer, asked about BTM accident in DL. He has a friend involved with that ride. He explained to me what broke and based on the published description of the accident, his story makes sense. But since we all know how relyable CM info can be, I'm still going to wait and see.
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    The t-shirt in question is about the bitter negotiations going on between the Reedy Creek Local 2117 Firefighters and the Reedy Creek Improvement District. They have been trying to get a fair offer for over 20 months, while also trying to keep their jobs. The District tried to impliment a hard nosed terminiation policy against the union members... only to lose in Arbitrations because of Unfair Labor Practices. Lots of bad blood around that area.
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    I just finished reading "Mouse Betrayed", which was written in 1998, and there's a whole chapter on the horrible abuse that went on in the Reedy Creek fire department. Lots of nasty sexual assaults on new firefighters, as some sort of sick hazing. I don't know if that's still happening, but it was pretty disturbing reading.

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