link to online ADR instructions?

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    Aug 19, 2009
    i think i read in a post on here that someone had typed up, step by step, how to make ADRs for 90 + 10. i'm sure i could figure it out on the disney website, but with two little ones running around, it would be great if it's already written out! i can pull up the reservation system for 90 days out, but am not sure how to get it to give me the following days.

    could someone provide the link if this does exist. i want to make sure i'm practiced and ready when my date comes up in a few weeks!

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    I swear I saw that on here somewhere . I have been looking for it , I have come to depend on the people of the DIS with thier easy peasy instructions for me :lmao:
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    I don't know about a link, but I'll take a shot at it. Go to Click on restaurants, and choose the restaurant you want (you can click on the theme park or resort where the restaurant is, and then click on "book a reservation). You'll be taken to the restaurant's page (you may have to click on "make an online reservation" on the left side, depending on how you got there). if you haven't logged into the Disney site, you can do so from this page (under Log in and Register - click on "log in"). That way you can retrieve your ADRs later. When it takes you back to the restaurant page, click on "retrieve your reservation." You will then have to enter your resort reservation number, last name, date of arrival and resort name, and click on "retrieve." If the system is working properly - not exactly a given these days- it will retrieve your reservation and indicate that your are staying at whatever resort on whichever days. (This is the only way to get at the 90+10 part - the system has to recognize your resort reservation in order to open up the additional days.) You can then click on the calendar to choose your check-in date, and the next ten days after your check-in date should be in blue. Any dates in blue are available for you to make ADRs.

    The system has not been working well lately. Many people get an error message when they try to retrieve their resortreservation. There is some feeling that the system isn't recognizing 2010 dates very well. The system comes and goes, so if you get the error, just try again. Sometimes closing and reopening your brower helps. or rebooting the computer. If the online systen works, it's really quick and efficient. If it doesn't, you'll want to pull your hair out.

    Keep in mind that you can access the online system - again, if it's working - at 3 AM EST. If you can get it to work at that time, you have a four hour headstart over those who will be calling for their reservations at 7 AM.

    Hope this helps.

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