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    Mar 30, 2007
    Since I can't seem to make up my mind, :rolleyes1 I have thought about doing a split stay again this year. I am booked at ASSports right now, but the last 4 days of the trip my 13 yo DD will be joining us, she didn't want to miss school. It is so nice being in a resort where you have some privacy in the bathroom area for dressing etc... The first part of the trip is DS 8 and I, I can let him sleep while I get ready. I just don't feel comfortable once we are all there with getting ready and the tub area is just to small and too hot to get dressed. So my opitions because I have waited is CSR, POR, CBR, YC, BC, CR or BW. There are a few others but those are my choices out of whats left. Really wanted to surprise DD with Poly but its booked now. So which would you choose? We stayed at BC last year, and loved it but would really like to try a new resort. Was leaning towards CR or BW, we have a few meals at Epcot those nights so thought BW would be best. TIA!
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    BW is a great choice & I'm sure YC (although we've not stayed there)
    but have you considered the Dolphin or Swan?
    They're right there in the same area may be less expensive.
    The only drawback is no DME or dining plan, but you do get EMH's and transportation.
    Just a thought.......

    Have fun!:cool1:

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