Lightning Pass and more Virtual Queues-How does it all affect you as a DVC Member?


Hakuna Matata, What a wonderful phrase!!!!!
Jan 22, 2015
If money is no objection, why don't you already book a VIP tour every day?
Or is it that you want the lightning pass priced as high so it's not used much by others, but low enough for you to afford it?
I'm not implying that money is no objection, I'm not a guy who makes a lot of money a year or whatever. LOL. I'm just saying that for me personally, I'd gladly pay the $300 per person per park day to go through the FP+ lines for every ride. I just don't want to stand in lines any more than I really needs or want to. True, standing in line will happen whether you're in the FP or standby line. But if there's a way to not stand there for too long & I have to pay a price for it, so be it. But if it gets too high, I'll just have to see if I can save up over time to pay it & if not, I'll forgo it for a certain amount of time. But like everybody here, I'm a Disney fan/geek/feen & we will pay the price for it at some point in time whether we like it or not. If this Lightning Pass is true, hopefully Disney will make it flexible for Disney fans of most, if not, all financial brackets.

Maistre Gracey

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Apr 23, 2002
I truly don’t care for fast passes. I know it sounds crazy, but the “ride” part of the attraction seems anti-climatic if you walk right on. Plus, the story usually begins in the queue. I don’t like to miss the story.

Truth…. My wife and I both like the Muppet pre-show better than the actual 3D show.