leaving car at port...any safety issues?


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Oct 5, 1999
We are planning a 3 day cruise mid way through a 2 week WDW/Orlando trip.

Should we be at all concerned about leaving the car (rental) and the stuff we don't need for the cruise in the car at the port.

We wouldn't be leaving any valuables in the car just clothes for the on land parts of the trip.

Sorry folks, I just saw the other thread about parking at the port.

I think I have my answer now.
Wow, a couple days without the boards and suddenly I am rusty at how this all works.

Don't leave any food in your car. Apparently the ants will find it if you do (or so I've heard).
We've never had a problem with security.
Thanks guys!

yuck - ants. We shouldn't have any food at this point in the trip.
I also was warned about the food in the car and ant problem. Some people uses to sprinkle, I think it was Ajax, all around the perimeter of their car.

Unfortunately I think if anyone saw you sprinkling white powder in a parking lot these days they would lock you up for possible anthrax threat!!!!

Since security has escalated at the Port, yes your vehicle would be safe. As for the "bugs" --there are a few here in Florida - if you will sprinkle baking soda in your car - it not only absorbs odor - it also keeps those bug things getting into your vehicle - this soda does no damage to the interior of the car and with rain being so unpredicable in Florida, it would get washed away with the slightest hint of rain if placed outside of it.
Have a wonderful time on your coming cruise.
I agree with Shirley. Security is so tight around the port..I don't think anyone will have any trouble.

Before we even got on the ship..we had to show our picture ID's
at least 3 or 4 times.

Have fun and don't worry....


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