Lazy Saturday at Volcano Bay while it hit capacity for the first time

Brenda Kim

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May 1, 2015
My brother and I spent a the day at Volcano Bay on Saturday, which was the day it hit the new capacity. We arrived at 9:30 AM, and we parked and got on the bus, which they were only filling about a 1/4 of the way full and off we jetted to the park. We breezed through the entrance and due to our AP, was able to get early park admission and felt like a VIP strolling past the regular guests waiting in line to get in. In the morning there was an attendant limiting people in the locker area, but when we went back throughout the day there was none, so no social distancing in the locker areas. However the park even as it hit capacity felt empty, most rides were walk on/ride now and even the ones that had virtual lines, the wait time was minimal. There was plenty of beach chairs, even though they don't have as many chairs as they used to. The food at the main restaurant was a bit chaotic, but we did only have to wait about half and hour at noon, using mobile app, where people that didn't use mobile app waiting about 20 minutes longer. The only bummer issue is that you can't share rafts with other guests, so if I wanted to go on a bigger slide, but my brother didn't I couldn't ride because I was too light to ride the family raft ride by myself (this is the first time EVER I was too light to ride a ride LOL). Other than a small shut down at the end of the day due to lightning in the area and some light rain. I believe that Volcano Bay was amazing to visit during all the restrictions. You had to wear a mask to enter and then to enter any of the restaurant areas, but did not have to wear one on any of the rides, or while lounging in the chairs, and of course while seated at the restaurant. TM were absolutely enforcing the policies of wearing face masks. All said it was an AMAZING day and look forward to going again.


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May 15, 2007 to hear you being too light for a ride!!!

I‘m glad to hear you had such a lovely day at Volcano Bay. And nice it felt so quiet on Saturday.

Sounds like they’re working things out as they go and it’ll only get better.

Thanks for the update and how your day went......


Jun 24, 2001
Thank you for posting, I was wondering about the family rides. I’ll be there solo in August, so if they aren’t combining parties by then, I won’t be able to ride the rafts either. We’re you able to ride the water coaster solo or does that one also require more weight than one person?


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May 24, 2020
Thanks so much for the report on what VB felt like on a capacity day. We were there June 9th, 10th, and 11th and it never hit capacity and we enjoyed the low wait times. I was wondering what a capacity at the new lower number felt like!


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