Las Vegas


Sep 3, 2001
Have any of you exchanged your points for a Las Vegas Exchange?

I only found three of them. Any comments, suggestions, or any information would be appreciated. Which one is best?
Truthfully, with the reasonable room rates in Vegas I wouldn't use my points to stay. Although rates do vary greatly, depending on convention bookings. Check out all the hotel websites, you'll probably find a good deal in a hotel you'd like.

For instance, in November I was able to book a really nice tower room at Palace Station (off the strip, you'll need a car here) for $39 a night. While there, I signed up for their free "slot club card". Now, we don't gamble much, but because of the slot card, I received a post card special for the last week of April...1 night free, three more nights at $20 each.

During busy season these rooms are $75 per night, still cheaper than trading out a week of DVC points.
Overall, there's not a single one worth tradind DVC for. They are mostly out of the action and rooms there can be cheap if you look hard enough.
I agree with the previous posters. I think it would be a huge waste of your points. I go to Vegas several times a year, and for the last several years haven't paid for one night's stay. If you play your cards right (pun intended, lol) you too can reap this benefit.

I have found the following site invaluable for info on Vegas.


Not sure about the trading thing but circus circus and monte carlo (both on the strip) have rooms for $39 a night sun-thurs.
Kelly, thanks for the great Vegas website. We just booked Bellaggio for five nught this summer, and that website will come in handy.


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