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Mar 12, 2001
I just found out the week i'm taking my kids to disney Its going to be gay day.June 2 is the day.Disney will not tell you the day but its on there web site.Not disneys.Ithink disney should tell people so they can talk to there kids about this life style before going.
This topic has gotten a lot of discussion before. We've have been there the last day of gaydays the last 2 June's. No problems for us in terms of crowds, although we advoided the designated park of the day. If the crowds are an issue for you, advoid the park of the day. I believe that Saturday at the Magic Kingdom is often the most crowded day of the event. The reason Disney does not tell about it is that it is not an official event. Any group of people-large or small-can and do plan events at Disney. It would be impossible for Disney for to inform people of all the events they do know of-let alone the ones they don't. As for the 'lifestyle', Disney attracts many different people from all around the world. There will always be 'different' people from yourselves, frankly I thinnk that variety adds to the Disney experience, all those different people experiencing Disney magic together
DH and I got married June 2nd last year and honeymooned at WDW June 3-10. The day we arrived was the "gay day" where everyone goes to MK. We really didn't have a problem with it. We saw a few people wearing red shirts (that's what they wore on "gay day" at MK) and a couple of rainbow flags hanging from the balcony at the GF, but that was it. I suggest going to there website b/c their whole schedule is one there. Just plan your park days around their schedule b/c the crowds will be even worse. We talked to a couple who went to MK on "gay day" and they said the crowds were terrible. Gay day isn't sponsored by disney, that's why they don't inform guests.

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The last few times we have gone down there it has been gay days. It has never been a problem. The only thing I can say is to avoid the MK on June 2 at all costs...it will be incredibly packed. Avoid the designated park and you will be fine. If you want the gay day schedule, here's the website www.gaydays.com


My son and 35 other friends went to WDW for their senior trip. They were there the exact same time as Gay Pride (week? or Day?). When I asked him about it, he said all they did was avoid the designated park for that day, and they had no problem.

Go and enjoy! This is not an officially santioned day at Disney and that is why they do not tell people about it. But according to my son they had no problems nor did they hear about any.
My DS (9) and DD (5) went the last 2 years during gay days and have not had a problem. As others have said, avoid the park of the day. I was aware of the red shirts and some hand holding or hugging going on but my kids were totally oblivious to it. I think they were just so much into the Disney stuff going on that they didn't notice.

IMO go and have a great time. If you don't make a big deal about it, your kids probably won't either. If they ask questions, I would answer them as honestly and simply as I could (no elaborate answers).
We've been there twice on gay days, and it's no big whoop. But you should indeed try to steer clear of the Magic Kingdom.

You might encounter one or two gentlemen wearing Minnie Mouse ears, with bright pink ribbons, but that's about it. (We thought that was a HOOT!)

Chances are, most kids won't notice.

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Been to the MK on Gay Day the last 2 years and am going again this year. Crowded yes, fun definately. Anything you wouldn't want the kids to see. Not really. I've seen more PDA from teens in the parks.

Pooh Bear
Has anyone who's been to WDW during this time ever gotten a discount on room rate. I'm wondering if this is the reason I'm unable to acquire a rate other than rack rate :(
We were at WDW last year June 2nd on. We had been staying at DL the entire trip at rack, when we received a postcard for Contemporary for $159 per night, played around a bit, lost a couple of options before we decided on the Pol for the first 4 days of the trip. I think the rate was $179+per night. The parks were very, very busy, we had already made PS for Cindy's breakfast for Sat before we found out that was the day. I noticed a couple of PDA's there, but nothing DD noticed. She did notice the Princess Minnie Ears on a guy at the Pol., but thought it was funny, and brought up Drew Carry's brother. Have fun and enjoy!
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Donna in NJ
whats the difference if its gay day or a spring break day? A crowd is a crowd regardless.....

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Last year's trip to Disney for me was the end of May/Beginning of June. I didn't know about "GayDay" either until a few days before I was about to leave. One thing I did notice was that the crowds grew progressivly larger as the main day approached. Other then the increase in the number of people though, everything else was just fine.

The day before the main "Gay Day" at MK I received a flyer in my room (Port Orleans) indicating the fact that there was a non-Disney sponsored event happening that will draw very large crowds, and because of that, they were opening the MK extra early for guests staying on Disney property. I thought this was great and took full advantage of it!

So, aside from the large volume of people present, you probably have nothing to worry about regarding bringing children/family to WDW around the time of the "Gay Day" event.

One side note - Pleasure Island was absolutely packed, making things just a bit uncomfortable at the time...that's my only gripe about the trip.
We went to disney in 98 during gay day .We didn't even know it until we read posts about it. Didn't see any PDA but maybe because we were to busy enjoying the magic to pay attention. We are going again during gay day and our DDs are sure to keep us busy,probably won't notice again.But we will avoid MK on the 2nd because of crowds.
We're arriving 6/2 as well. Found out about Gay Day/Week somewhere, don't remember. Didn't much matter to me, we'll just avoid MK the nite of our arrival. As to "What" Day/Week it might be, Disney sanctioned or not, I agree with Beverly, crowds are crowds, no matter Who they are! Just finding out when, not Who, can make a difference!

Happy Disneying ºoº! and, wear a GREEN ribbon! :D
One of our trips happened to be on Gay Day and my then 10 year old son's reaction to Gay Day was one question...."why is everyone wearing red tee shirts?". That was it!! :D

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As a gay couple i have to say thank you to all the understanding people out there who really don't care.
Even though a day at disney puts families in what they might find as akward situation i am amazed at the number of families that are willing to accept. It really makes you think about the type of people that are disney folk.

Thanks soo Much


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