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  1. WDWorld2003

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    Jan 12, 2003
    We returned last night from our week at Disney (myself, DD15 and DF16) - so depressed to be back to the real world. The weather was beautiful every day :sunny: - the best we've ever had! Magical Express was great - arrived at SSR less than one hour after landing in Orlando. Return was great, too - but they didn't have the movie monitors on and a few kids could have used them!

    SSR Studio- Tuesday, 3/28-Sun. 4/2
    They had a studio ready for us in Congress Park and also offered us one in the Springs if we wanted to wait as they were aware we didn't have a car. We chose Congress Park and had a view of Downtown Disney and the quiet pool :love: This is the nicest quiet pool I've seen yet at the DVC resorts. The view is great.

    Things I liked about SSR:
    -Artists Palette had a nice selection of food for both the teens and myself
    -The view from our room
    -The quiet pool at Congress Park - the main pool was nice but too crowded for us
    -Great bus service (never waited long)
    -Quiet - never heard anything once we were in our room

    Things I didn't like:
    -If you're in Congress Park the walk to the main bldg. is through parking lots and roads.
    -The place will be HUGE when complete and there doesn't seem to be enough common areas to accomodate this. Also, the common areas didn't seem very inviting.
    -Looked at a Grand Villa - only 1 balcony that holds 2-3 people - what's with that? There should be at least 2+ balconies - it sleeps 12!
    -2 bedrooms also only have 2 balconies instead of the 3 at other DVC resorts.
    -Many views are directly over parking lots or roads. Sorry, I would be upset if I waited a year to come to Disney and looked at a parking lot. They should change the point structure to standard for these views.

    -Store and eating area is only open until 10 pm instead of 11 pm like other resorts - this should really be changed. If you want a snack, mug refill, movie, etc. you should be able to get one after the parks close.

    -Saw one internal bus the whole time - a street car or small bus would be more in order than one of the large buses to get around internally.

    BCV 1 bedroom - Sunday 4/2-Tues. 4/4
    We then moved for 2 nights to BCV in a one 1 bedroom. Had bell services move our luggage which was great. We took the bus to Downtown Disney and then a bus to Beach Club - never again! It took well over 1 hour. The bus stopped at PI, Typhoon Lagoon, Swan, Dolphin, Yacht Club and he hit every red light. We will take a cab next time.

    Checked in at Beach Club and the CM stated our room wasn't ready. Another CM man stepped in and started goofing around with the computer and stated we could get a room right now. I said that was great as long as it wasn't over a road. The first CM seemed very annoyed with him.

    We walked in and the girls were thrilled we had a 1 bedroom (it was a surprise) but there we were right over the service road. I called the front desk and stated we'd rather have the original room. I'm a view person and even the worst view rooms at BWV are better than this - the point structure should be lower for these rooms. When our room was ready it was to the side of the quiet pool and looking toward the entrance - much better!

    Things I liked about BCV:

    -It was close to our home BWV so I could visit ;)
    -Loved the store and refillable mug area (they need this at BWV!)
    -Common areas are beautiful and relaxing
    -Really close to Epcot!
    -Nice quiet pool

    Things I didn't like:

    -It was noisy - could hear toilets flush in other rooms and lots of hallway noise. We've never had this problem at BWV. A baby was crying one night from 2-4 a.m. and it sounded like it was in our room!
    -I would be disappointed in some of the views - they should be lower point values.

    Stormalong Bay was okay but just too crowded for us, we preferred the quiet pool.

    One big disappointment and rant - After waiting a year I finally got to ride Soarin'. We got a fast pass and returned 2 hours later. I sat next to a little girl but she was really terrified and screamed the entire time (she was screaming before she got on the ride!). I loved the ride but it was ruined for me. We couldn't go again as all fast passes were gone and it was our last day. WHY would you put your kid on a ride like this if they were so terrified (also, why wasn't she between the two parents)? Parents, if your kid is terrified please don't put them on a Fast Pass ride (or any ride) next to someone else. I'm sure this little girl had nightmares....I felt sorry for her and me! At least I know I'll be back someday.

    All in all a great trip! We liked both SSR and BCV. I prefer the Epcot resorts but the teens liked SSR and BCV equally - they preferred the pool at Congress Park and we all liked the walk to Downtown Disney.

    SSR has some growing up to do. The landscaping will be lovely when it matures. I am concerned that it is almost half of all DVC resort rooms. I think it will be difficult to get rooms in the preferred areas of SSR when it is complete and also to get rooms at other DVC's outside of the 7 month window. I hope DVC has plans to make this a true destination resort by adding things that will attract people - such as mini-golf, snack areas by the quiet pools, etc., more common areas.

    Sorry this is so long.... we had a great time and I wish we were still there!
  2. cobbler

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    Mar 18, 2004
    Great trip report! Glad you had such a good time. Ah, it's torture coming home again isn't it?
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  4. DiznEeyore

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    May 1, 2000
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your trip! Sounds like you had a great time! :)


    May 28, 2002
    Thanks for the report!

    I am ready to go home! :goodvibes
  6. Simba's Mom

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    Aug 26, 1999
    Thanks for the report! Did you get any gelato at the BC Marketplace?
  7. Johnnyfairplay

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    Apr 5, 2006
    Thanks for the trip report. Any golf on this trip? I just added on a small 150 point contract at SSR. We golf and having it right there is ideal for us. Thanks agin and I'm glad you had a great trip.

  8. vbarry

    vbarry DIS Veteran

    Jan 31, 2005
    One question...I am spending 3 nights at SSR in a studio and then moving to BWV for five night in a one bedrrom!!

    Anyway- I would like to be in the Springs section since we have young children and we will not have a car.

    Did you notice the Springs section views...are they of parking lot or should we request a certain view??

    Also- thanks for the info on the long ride to the BCV. We will take a cab!!

    I am glad you enjoyed your trip!!!
  9. WDWorld2003

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    Jan 12, 2003
    In between laundry loads..... then grocery shopping :rolleyes: ah, back to reality...

    Simba'sMom - Had a spoonful of the gelato but was too full from Cape May... next time!

    Johnny - I don't golf (yet)...walked on the sidewalk toward Cirque next to the golf course and it looks great. This is a wonderful resort for golfers.

    vbarry - yes, take the cab! What a waste of time on the bus. The cab can move your luggage and you won't have to wait for it. In the Springs section I would request a view of the fountain or water. There's a nice quiet pool there, too.
  10. littlestar

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    Jun 9, 2000
    We own points at both BWV and BCV and we've always had a quieter room when we stayed at BCV. Especially in a studio, as that lock-off door is up near the entrance door at BCV instead of in the main room area.

    I guess the noise level depends some on who is next to you. I don't think BWV has those super-charged flusher toilets like some of the resorts do. I'll have to make note of that on my next visits. Super flush toilets or regular flushers. ;)
  11. chloe

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    Sep 17, 2005
    It's enjoyable to read a thoughtful, sincere review. A refreshing and welcomed addition.
  12. byoung

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    Jun 22, 2005
    Thanks for the great report.
  13. WDWorld2003

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    Jan 12, 2003
    The noise level for us was significant at BCV. I could hear cupboard doors shutting, lots of noise in the halls. Maybe it was just our room. I loved being there so it didn't interfere with our stay - it was just more noticaeble after SSR where we never heard a thing.
  14. SaratogaShan

    SaratogaShan DIS Veteran

    Jun 7, 2004
    I am not sure why there is the perception that SSR has "a lot" of parking lot views. None of the balconies face the parking lots. I suppose if you were in a corner unit, you may have a partial view of a lot or an internal road, but I just don't see how there can be tons of these when I look at the resort map. I know this has been discussed before......maybe someone with more knowledge than myself will chime in.

  15. WDWorld2003

    WDWorld2003 DIS Veteran DVC Gold

    Jan 12, 2003
    SaratogaShan - I walked around the resort a lot in the a.m. when the teens were sleeping in. There are many parking lot/road views..... when you're at the bus stop at Congress Park there are balconies directly across the street that would face the bus stop and parking lot. There are also balconies in the Springs section that look directly over the bridge the buses/cars drive on. Congress Park also has balconies that are off to the side but some of those views would be of the parking lot.

    Another view I would be disappointed in is the rooms right at the stair exit doors... it would drive me nuts if I were on ground floor with the door slamming all of the time. The door is right next to the ground floor room which means you look right into the room when entering the door for the stairs.

    I didn't take a good look at the Paddocks or Carousel sections.

    If I had one of these views I would be disappointed if I were using the same number of points as the person with the Downtown Disney view or fountain views. But again, there are views at the BCV I would be disappointed in, too.

    If I booked a room using less points than a more preferred view I would probably accept it. Many of the Disney hotels (& BWV) have different point structures based on view or location and I think DVC should implement that, too.

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