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    Well, after renting out our BWV reservation and deciding we just weren't going back this Spring Break because we'd just celebrated our anniversary in WDW in December, last week our AP's just kept calling us....so, I wound up renting points from another member and we took off to SSR in a one bedroom!

    The weather was beautiful, and since BWV is my favorite, I was a bit worried that we wouldn't like SSR as much. But, we'd be in WDW, it would be warmer than here, so we'd be happy. However, we found SSR to be very nice. BWV is still my favorite( that's where we own), but I wouldn't hesitate to stay at SSR again. We found that while the walks were outside, they weren't really any longer than what we'd walk in those hallways at BWV. We were in The Paddocks in room 5503, so maybe that was closer than some others have stayed. We enjoyed Artist's Palette, though I do think they will need more once the rest of the resort is opened.

    The only negatives were that the pool was cold. We were so looking forward to getting in and swimming but once I got in past my knees it was very cold. It was at that point that I remembered seeing a thread here on the DIS about a change in policy of the heating of the pools, but I hadn't actually read the thread, but I now had a pretty good idea what it said! The next day I asked the lady waiting on us in Artist Palette if they had stopped heating the pools and she said that they were heated, but she didn't know how much. She said they had gotten a lot of complaints about it. The other negative was that we got another 9:00 am phone call that was a "wrong number'. This is not the first time this has happened to us, and I plan to let DVC know that this is definitiely uncalled for. I know I can't prove it's housekeeping, but it happens at about the same time every stay that we are still in the room at that time...and always on checkout day.

    But other than that we had a great trip and enjoyed it very much!!!

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    :thanks: Thanks for the trip report. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself while you were away from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky! We all hope the pool situation gets better but I hope (and from your report) that you did at least have some fun, got some rest and had a safe journey back to big blue (or red?) ;) ~

    ~DW ::MinnieMo
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    We will be there in May and I hope those pools are warmed up by then. If not, I guess the hot tub will do.
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    Jun 22, 2005
    Thanks for the report.

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