Just Back - here's what I ate part 2

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by bekkio, Jul 25, 2003.

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    After a very long delay, here's part 2 (hopefully with no typos!)

    Rose and Crown: The convention that I was with arrange a banquet at the Rose and Crown for approximately 100+ people. The set up was very disappointing. We were under the impression that it would be inside, with places to sit. It turned out that the banquet was held on the terraces to the right of the Rose and Crown. We were ushered into Epcot as a group through Internation gate, led to the restaurant, and shown to the area where were we eating. There were 2 buffet areas set up to choose from, and a cash bar. There was field green salad with blackberry dressing, chicken & leek pies, mushroom and beef pies, bangers and mash, fish & chips, chocolate mousse cake and sticky toffee pudding. The food was very good for buffet style, but there were some problems with the weather. The buffet areas were not covered and there was only seating for about 30 people. During the banquet, it started to rain very hard - and only a small percentage of us were able to fit under the covered patio (most of the patio was blocked off by a large table) After getting very wet, the staff started passing out mickey ponchos, but the food got soaked, and I ended up throwing my wine in the trash because it was so diluted. They were able to move us inside to someplace backstage after about 10 minutes, but I'm afraid it left a pretty bad impression. The banquet cost about $45, and it was not worth the money. I enjoyed the food despite the problems, and I think I would return to the restaurant on my own, but definately not with a group.

    Tempura Kiku: This restaurant was great! I've been wanted to eat here for quite a long time, and this was the first occasion that I timed it right - the other 2 times I tried they were closed in the break between lunch and dinner. I had the Edo - Chicken, shrimp, and scallops with sweet potatoes and (I think) green been. Very good tempura. I also had a Igkura (I think that's what it is) a blended fruit drink with strawberries and pinapple juice that was very good. It's a nice restaurant for solo dining and I will definately return.

    I have to say, I ate well on my trip, and since my husband and daughters were not there, I didn't have to eat hamburgers and frieds for every meal. Maybe someday they will get more adventurous in their eating....
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    Unfortunte about the Rose and Crown. It's a much better spot for "regular" dinner.
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    Thanks for sharing ~ Wonderful reviews!!!!!!!
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    Sorry to hear about your experience with Rose & Crown for banquet setting. Rose & Crown is one of our favorite restaurants at WDW, so hope you get a chance to experience it again sometime. Thanks for the great post.

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