Just back from Wonder Jan 12th-15th, day one inside

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    Mar 9, 2005
    After much anticipation, it finally arrived, our much awaited Disney cruise! To sum it up...it was okay. There are a few factors that prob should be taken into consideration. 1) First we stayed 3 nghts at SSR in a 2brm villa and I think after having so much room to spread out and so many available activities we felt a bit bored and stifled 2) no castaway cay due to weather 3) I think after planning for almost a year we just had to high of a build up and expectations 4) maybe we just aren't cruise people.
    Day One: We started out by arriving by rental car around 11:30am. Check in was super easy and very efficient. I should say our party of four was myself (31), dh (34), ds (5), and my dsil (31). The only person with a passport was dsil. Once on board we headed up to the buffet and had a great lunch, we thought the options were pretty good. I esp like to see chick peas, kidney beans, beets, etc on a salad bar, I'm weird I know:) Our room was ready after lunch and it was very nice. We had a secret porthole room by request, rm 5524, it was a perfect location. Right around the corner from the quiet elevators, hardly any foot traffic, never any noise! I can't imagine being down a long corrider after being in such a great spot. Our host, Tongchai, was great. DH had brought his own beer and Tongchai was great about refreshing the ice bucket when cleaning or doing the turn down service. There was plenty of storage space in our room for all of us to unpack. Thanks to all the prev tips on this board, I bought a cheap over the door shoe holder for the bathroom. It worked wonderfully to hold all of our toiletries and accesories. Our dining rotation was APT and we changed our Palo reservations not once, twice, but three times and it ended up working wonderfully, but I'll get to that later. Our first dinner was AP, early seating. If we do ever cruise again, we will make sure to do late seating. We thought early due to ds, but actually 5:45 pm came around way to quick. we felt we were getting ready for dinner like three hrs after lunch, we usually weren't that hungry even, plus it never afforded us any down time. AP was okay, it was so loud in there you couldn't hear the music. Our servers were okay. Nothing tremendous. The food at AP was slightly above average. We saw Hercules after dinner and thought it was terrible (our opinion we know, please no flames:). We love corny stuff (Hoop-De-Doo was great) but this show just didn't do anything for us, and we thought one of the singers was terrible. We thought it was on the level of a high school production. DH left after about 5 minutes. I wish I would have but I thought sil wanted to stay. Afterwards, she had thought the same thing. After the show we were pretty tuckered out so we all headed back to our room which was beautiful with a bunny towel animal and ds bunk in place. We slept wonderfully, the beds were comfy and the boat rocked us to sleep. That ends day one, days 2 and 3 to come. I do want to thank everyone for all the trip reports and tips on this board, it def made planning our trip easier, an invaluable bunch to say the least!

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