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Discussion in 'DVC Trip Reports' started by DemoBri1, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. DemoBri1

    DemoBri1 Surfin' at the Beach Club Villas

    Jun 3, 2002
    Hi All...Just returned back from a 9 night stay at BCV and SSR.

    This was our first stay at SSR and I was quite surprised with how spread out the resort was. We only stayed at SSR for one night as we had added on a night to our original plans because we were able to obtain a $60 per seat savings on our flight. For 6 people that was a good chunk of change. We had a first floor studio in the Paddock section that was looking out onto a nice lake view. It was extremely quiet and relaxing at SSR, and I only wished it had been warm enough to swim as we were located right by the Paddock's pool. I was a bit skeptical about staying at SSR with some of the mixed reviews that I have seen in the past, but I think I would definitely give it another go. The staff there was very enthusiastic and eager to help in any way possible.

    Our other 8 nights were in a 2 BR dedicated at BCV. I have to say that it really is high time that DVC start thinking about taking some rooms offline and renovating them. I realize that this is one of the most popular properties and gets quite a bit of turnover due to it's small size in nature to the rest of the on site properties, but that should also be a hint to DVC that they need to monitor room conditions more closely. For instance the door to the 2nd bedroom was falling off its hinges, the 2nd bathroom door was missing a lock, and either the ac or thermostat was not functioning in the 2nd bedroom, so it was much warmer in there than the rest of the villa. We also arrived to find a thick layer of junk in between the cushions of the kitchen table bench. It looked as though this had not been cleaned in quite some time. The couch had quite a bit of stains, and the cushions were so worn out that you sank into the couch frame when you sat in it. The refrigerator also looked like it had been through WWIII, but at least it functioned properly.

    With that being said there were some positives as well. It was extremely quiet at BCV. We had people on both sides of us and really didn't hear much activity between rooms except towards the end of our stay when a family with three little girls checked in. Even then the noise was not that great. I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of counter-service items available at the Marketplace. The roast beef and turkey sandwiches were very good in a pinch as was the breakfast plate which included scrambled eggs, bacon, and a cheesy hash brown potato concoction. As always the location of BCV to Epcot and DHS is a huge plus for us as we like both parks, and the dining selections can't be beat between the YC, BC, BWI, and Swan/Dolphin complexes. Also, you can't argue that we have access to the best pool on property and it wasn't all that crowded to boot. Even the staff seemed to be a bit more cordial on this visit. We have had very mixed reviews with the BC staff in the past.

    All in all we had another pleasant visit to WDW.
  2. Soarin Hubby

    Soarin Hubby Mouseketeer

    Nov 21, 2012
    Thanks for the TR. We stayed at BCV last year and didn't have any problems. Loved the walk to Epcot & Hollywood Studios.
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  4. Cee

    Cee DIS Veteran

    Aug 8, 2006
    Love both of these resorts. Glad you had a pleasant stay. :goodvibes
  5. JasonDVC

    JasonDVC DIS Veteran

    Sep 24, 2008
    Thanks for the report! Is there a floor or section to request?

    I'm going to try for a studio in July when my 7 month window opens. We always walk through the resort when we visit but have yet to stay there.
  6. Hunnypaw

    Hunnypaw Encinitas, CA

    Feb 18, 2008
    I hope they remodel before too long (at BCVs) or at least the rooms they need to. :thumbsup2
  7. mlittig

    mlittig DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2009
    Glad your trip was magical :tinker:
  8. hjgaus

    hjgaus DIS Veteran

    Dec 8, 2007

    Ditto! :goodvibes We will be there (our 1st home) December 2013 & December 2014!! :woohoo: Hopefully some great changes will be done! ;)

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