JUST BACK!! from 16 days at WDW !!


Pixie Dust or Bust!!
Aug 25, 2000
The best kept SECRERT in WDW is the Character Breakfast at Hollywood and Vine Diner!!!

We called the night before and got a PS for the next morning. This is MINNIE MOUSE'S DINER and she is decked out in Hollywood Style!!

The characters that visited the table were; Chip,Dale,Pluto and a Zoot Suited Goofy and Minnie in all Her Splender and Sparkles!! THE characters spend a long time at each table and even came back a second time!!!

THe food was better than Artist Point or Breakfastrous[at Animal Kingdom]!!

I even met the Excutive Chef of MGM!!! He was Great!!

Try this Character Meal IT WAS GREAT!!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:

We go in 12 days and I am sooooo thrilled!

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I've been saying this for years but no one seems to listen. Hopefully you've just reinforced it! I think it's the most relaxing character meal in WDW. We usually do lunch and it's just as fun. You can get lots of great pictures and Minnie is a hoot!


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We always do the lunch! We had my DD 3rd birthday there and it was great fun for everyone!
We couldn't get in to Cindy's. But I didn't even care after being at Hollywood and Vine!!! We even returned that same evening for the Fantazmic Package and it was a fabulous Dinner. Lots of Meat choses. My favorite was Salmon w/a special mustard sauce. There was a red and yellow tomatoe salad that was really good. And the Desserts! even had mouse ears!! and there are 8 ice cream candy toppings!!

I booked a breakfast there almost at random. I knew we wanted to have our character meal at MGM and just picked a place. Im glad that I made a good choice. I cant wait to see the kids with the characters...plus DH loves Goofy!!!

21 more days!!!!!
We made an unscheduled stop there for breakfast last December and had the BEST TIME! Not only was the food fabulous, plentiful, hot and tasty, but the character interaction was wonderful - it wasn't crowded (we went rather late for breakfast) and loved the theming of the restaurant - this is a definite must do for our July trip!!!

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How much and where is it located?anyway to get in touch for ressies over internet???TIA-vic
on the LEFT down that road.[everything in Orlando is on the LEFT]

And the Price was like $15.99 per person. But even though that sounds Very High its on the cheaper side of WDW Food. AND this isn't McDonald's. This is top drawer food,good smelling,yummy tasting,penty of choses!! Even kid choses!

We,had to cancelled our Crystal Palace ressies. But 2 days later I called from All Stars and got PS's for the Hollywood and Vine Character Breakfast and Fantazmic Dinner package,with no Hassle at all!!!! :D :D :D :)



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