Just added on at HH!


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Aug 25, 2000
Just added on at HH!!!

Friends, please tell me some of your favorite things about this lovely resort...

What I like best about Hilton Head

DVC Staff- the friendliest of all the DVC resorts

Miles of beautiful beaches
22+ golf courses
tennis courts
Hundreds of restaurants Shopping
Free live entertainment
Horseback riding
Dolphin watching
Miniature golf
Bike riding

Historic side trips like Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC. Close enough for a day trip.

Can't wait to get back. 28 days

Sandy B.
I'd second all of the above plus relaxation!! Something we don't get enough of at home.

If I may ask, what use year did you add-on at HHI? Do you know if there are any point left on June use year? BTW, congrats; you'll love your new "home".:p
Congratulations on your add-on. I have never stayed there of course but this is on my list for next add-on. Next year perhaps wether I go on wait list or resale we will start looking into it. Enjoy and don't forget to post after you try it out.

I'm not sure if June is sold out. I remember hearing that only 3 use years were still available for HH and that inventory was low.
Our use year was sold out (Feb) and we went resale. Call your guide as the picture is changing daily.

Thanks for the great tips, everyone. We're really excited. HH has been the subject of some less than positive feedback lately on the boards, but I think HH fans are in the majority. It's perfect for us as an every-other-year destination away from WDW (and FIL loves to golf.) We also like to cruise and needed more points in our use year. Now I can't decide whether to go back home to OKW or to our new HH home next!


I got an e-mail from MS that April and June are all that are left.
Just purchased 60 HHI Pts today, (March). My guide said there are just about 2000 pts remaining for the March use year. This brings my total up to 405pts (225 VWL and 180 HHI).

I started with 200pts a year ago. In my class action suite against Disney, you are all co-defendents!

My understanding is that April and June use years are the ones left (perhaps a few points in other use years still remain).


COngratulations on the add on.


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