June 10th cruise report part 2

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by deerh, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. deerh

    deerh DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2000
    On day 2, we went into Nassau. We did not do any excursions this time, as we have been to Nassau on 2 other cruises. We did the dolphin exp. a few years ago,and decided no excursions for us.
    After breakfast in Tritons, we put the kids in clubs, and hit Nassau shopping. We took pictures, and we went shopping for tanzanite, and bought t shirts. We stopped at Planet Hollywood to buy a t shirt, and stopped at Liquor store to buy Rum. BOY, CHEAP Liquor in Bahamas. Paid 6.99 for Bacardi. Bought 2 bottles. Am not the biggest drinker in the world, those 2 bottles might last till our next cruise in a year on 2!!
    Got back on board around 12:30, and ate Lunch at Beach Blanket. Again, the food was good, lots of choices, and quick and easy.
    We then went swimming, and stayed in the sun most of that day. We then had dinner at Animators palate. A very NICE rest. The nicest rest on ship. The drawings change color and my kids really liked the "SHOW" in anim. palate. Food was good, had the sea bass, but AGAIN, LOUSY SERVICE. No bread, had to ask for it. Had to ask for a straw for my girls' drink, etc , etc, Both servers had been with DCL for 2 years, so I would expect better service, but it sucked! Oh well, food was very good.
    After dinner, took kids back to the clubs, by this time they were loving it--
    Me and my wife walked out on deck, went to see the vernadah view, then changed clothes for the big Nassau deck party at 10:00pm.
    Deck party was great= can you say Macarana? Hint Hint
    We stayed till 12 am, and then got kids and tucked them in. Our cabin steward as the first night, had made an elephant out of our towel and extra mints! (Like I needed anything else to eat)LOL!
    day 3 will be next-- stay tuned!
  2. ksmom

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    Nov 5, 2000
    It's too bad about your servers. We had the same dinner rotation as yours but the late seating instead. Our servers were a little better but we always had to ask for more ice tea because they would never come by and refill it. On our second night we asked for more bread and so the next 2 nights we had more bread as soon as the first basket was empty. They were friendly but our area seem to have some of the first people seated but the last to leave. I don't know why unless our servers had more area to cover or were just slower.

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