June 10 Wonder part 3

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    Nov 5, 2000
    First a few things that I forgot to mention in my other reports. The ship was full: 2,750 guests and 950 crew (55 nationalities represented). However, there was still room and it didn't feel crowded expect for that first day when everyone was getting on at the same time. Also when we went to dinner there was a line of people. The elevators are very small but we did use them alot. However, there were a few times like when we got on the ship and just after shows that they were too crowded to use. The fruit on the ship was great, fresh and had a lot of flavor. Dress for dinner really varied. Our first night at Tritons we saw older teen boys in jeans and I saw one man in shorts. My husband did dress up with tie and jacket. I wore a nice pants outfit and the girls wore their best black outfits. We decided that about 40% of the men were dressed in ties or jackets.
    This was our day for Castaway Cay. The girls went to Common Grounds to meet their goup for their excrusion: The Wildside (bike, snorkel and kayak around Castaway Cay). My hubby and I went to the adult beach. We got off the ship at around 8:30-9:00 so we were some of the first on the beach. This was the best part of the vacation. Lovely quiet beach with beautiful calm clear water. No clouds in the sky and just a slight breeze. Perfect for laying on the mat in the water and getting a nice sunburn. We did put on lots of lotion continuosly but we still manage to get sunburns. However, they weren't as bad as they could have been. Plenty of chairs available so that wasn't a problem. We ate lunch at the adult beach and then our oldest daughter joined us in the afternoon. Our youngest one continued to snorkel with some other people she met from Kansas. I hated to leave the beach, it was so wonderful.
    The show that night was Voyage of the Ghost Ship. I liked it but the girls said it was "lame". Dinner was at Parrot Cay. We enjoyed Coconut Shrimp, Pot Stickers (very good), Gumbo Soup, Large pasta shells and cheese, and grilled strip loin.
    Then we headed off to the 70's night party and after that we went over to the Dueling pianos. We really liked the piano players.

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