JULY 2020 DCOM Summer Exercise Challenge


Is it time for Food & Wine Yet??
Aug 22, 2010
@BonnieF, I wanted to like your minutes and send a sad hug about your trip at the same time.
I feel your pain! We just cancelled our December trip which means no Disney trips or cruises this year. Hubby is having serious withdrawals.

Thanks for the kind thoughts - as much as we love our trips, it's just not essential! I'm glad we got there in February - just wish I"d remembered to get my 2020 magnet. LOL! Or, maybe this is not really a 'year to remember'.

Adding 60 minutes for today. A gorgeous beach day, so I stayed in the waves for a good while. I used the high tide waves as my exercise! The beach had good crowd - traffic was like the 4th of July!

Elizabeth Smith

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May 7, 2017
Congrats to TwilightSparkle for reaching Possible Purple! And congrats to ljcrochet for reaching Rocking Red!

In honor of ljcrochet's accomplishment, we'll look at the movie which inspired the Rocking Red name: Camp Rock.
This movie was Demi Lovato's first foray into the public eye and the world's introduction to her singing. It follows her character, Mitchie, as she goes away to music camp for the summer. She meets Shane Gray, an ungrateful pop singer played by Joe Jonas, and learns that it's best just to be herself instead of pretending to be someone else. My summaries aren't that great, but this movie is pretty cute, especially for a made for TV movie. And if you are a Jonas Brothers fan (as I am), it's practically required viewing!
  • piglet1979

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Last week it was really hot here. 90+ temps with high humidity. DH and I were off of work but got up everyday at 7:30 to go for a walk. We were trying to beat the heat.

    July 9 -- 35
    July 10 -- 96
    July 11 -- 25
    July 12 -- 44
    July 13 -- 47
    July 14 -- 42
    July 15 -- 36
    July 16 -- 33

    Total -- 886/1860

    I have some time to make up. I need to average 65 minutes a day right now to meet my goal. Not too far off.

    Elizabeth Smith

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    May 7, 2017
    Yay! Lots of color changes!
    DRussell88, TinkerBellLiz, sophy1996, PollyannaMom, and the Team have all reached Possible Purple!

    We can now talk about the other Kim Possible DCOM which came out last year.
    If you were EVER a fan of the original Kim Possible TV, then I highly recommend that you do NOT watch this movie. I streamed it last night and I gotta say, it was a disgrace. If you, like me, enjoyed watching a red-headed teen cheerleader fight crime and be an all around rockstar, then this movie will no doubt disappoint you, as Kim spends the whole movie being a sad sack and a loser. Definitely not the Kim I know. But, on the plus side, the way they wrote Ron was pretty decent.

    We have another color change to report: ljcrochet has reached Gotta Go for Green!

    The movie which inspired this color name is Gotta Kick it Up! This one is an "oldie" but a goodie. It came out in 2002 and followed the story of a junior high dance team. The team faces many obstacles on their way to success, but they work together with their coach to encourage and support each other's dreams. Totally a feel good movie and one of my childhood favorites!