Spaceman Spiff

one by one, cleaning the universal boards of riff-
Apr 6, 2000
Alrighty!We last left the four fearsome adventurers as they were leaving USF and trekking for IOA. As we enter the gate the ticket master informs us that our tickets would not work for
tomorrow if we did not have them converted to a plastic pass. I had purchased four FL Residents
passes that are good til 5-31. The tickets were 98.00 and cheaper than a three-day pass so I
thought, what the hay. We are directed to a blue umbrella and told to have our FL DL and tickets
out. Well you know women, they hear the phrase "picture taking" and start de-greasing,
re-applying, and moisturizing just so they’ll look ravishing on their pass which will never be
used again. :rolleyes: The line moves slowly as there are only two employees at the tables.
Neither are too friendly, but just as well, by now we are not too friendly either, the weather and the walking is starting to talk its toll on our bodies. Finally we have our pics taken. I was looking Tom Cruise-esque in my pass but the others resembled the likes of wild buffalo, too bad for them. :) After that escapade we head for Jurassic Park to journey 65 million years back in
time. I noticed a couple improvements throughout the boat ride. The Ultrasuar was down hidden
behind a wall of tall grass(not a improvement, just a observation), the Hadrosaur were back and
working very well, the cage dropped, one Raptor was AWOL but I noticed the other seemed to
move more fluently. I think a extra Spitter was added and the T-Rex was working really well. Splashdown was a very wet experience for me, I dunno why but I never leave remotely dry. After docking I run into Jurassic Outfitters and grab and towel, shirt, and key chain. Gots to have my JP souvenirs! After this adventure I need a refreshment...the Watering Hole was calling
to me. I grabbed myself another TtoE and instantaneously became revitalized, behold the power of slushies! Already wet, we head for Toon Lagoon. Popeye was next on our hit list, we flash our PBH room keys and board our raft in less than five minutes. All was working and the word
soaked cannot begin to describe how wet we got. Sopping wet we swim over to Dudley, flash
our plastic magic and are rerouted to a back entrance. Opps...they did it again! Another line
merging experience, once inside the Production Crew chick told us to just merge with the line and stay to the right. I did a double-take and proceeded with caution. Thank goodness the line moved fast and w/in 10 minutes we were in a log and happily on our wet way. I love water rides, the wetter, the better. After exiting I use my towel and semi dry off. Extremely wet and fearing water rash we retreat back to PHB, for some R&R. After getting all G Qed up we head for the Hard Rock Café for dinner. I had my Hard Rock Member card plus my magic plastic ready for the reservationist outside. I flash both cards with some degree of sophistication and we are inside immediately. Am I a dork or what folks! Tonight was HR Employees last night and the place was sending him out in style. The music was blaring, waiters were dancing on table tops, people were singing, and we were having a blast! Seems like a fun place to work. Have to jot that one down for my relocation in four months! The food was good and service was fast. After gorging ourselves we
head to the t-shirts. I pick myself up a really cool shirt. It’s a white Creed shirt that says With Arms Wide Open, I am guessing it is a charity that they sponsored. Sounds like something I would like to do someday, I am thinking about volunteering at Give Kids the World when I move to O-Town. Sorry for rambling, back on topic. We then do some shopping at CityWalk, I bought myself a nifty Simpson’s light ma-jig at Dapy’s. After searching the rest of the shops we head back to PHB. Only being 9:30 the girls decide to take a walk around the resort and check it out. We guys decide to check out the shops and especially the ice-cream parlor. After grabbing a waffle cone’s with vanilla ice cream and decide its time to play, FBI. We spot the chicks and start our spying expedition. They spot us fairly quickly(not very good are we?!?), we run, they run. FBI soon turns into all out game of hid-n-seek. At around midnight we decide to call it quits and head for the room. By now we are all pooped and in need for some serious sleep. It’s strange how vacations can make you do the strangest things isn’t it? Tomorrow is our last day and we want to get as much done as possible. Goodnight!

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of, “When College Students Attack UO!” :D ;) :rolleyes: <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

JP - Something is amiss..."Arms Wide Open" is the name of a song by Creed. The leader wrote it when he found out his wife was pregnant and it was a huge hit. I'm surprised you didn't know that, especially since the band is from Florida. I knew that and let's just say I'm a little older than the average college student. You must be spending too much time at theme parks!

I've been enjoying your reports and am looking forward to more.
Oh no, I love Creed and I know With know Arms Wide Open is a song of theirs, its on their 2nd CD, Human Clay. The shirt I bought is from one of the signature series at Hard Rock Live. The back says Creed in big letters and at the bottom says With Arms wide Open Foundation. I was just stating that the shirt was from some type of foundation. I just checked and the is for children to have happy childhoods. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for reading! :D



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