January 2020 Disney Vision Exercise Challenge

Elizabeth Smith

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May 7, 2017
Congrats to sophy1996 and Twilight Sparkle for being our first team members to hit Building Blue. (and sophy1996, sorry I missed some of your minutes before).

And I am happy to finally report some minutes for myself. After riding in the car for 13 hours today all the way back to Texas, I hopped on my exercise bike for an hour to make some progress on getting caught up.

Since I missed an update yesterday, I'll share two new things coming to WDW this winter. First of all, Ample Hills Creamery will be coming to Disney Springs. I think this is a great addition to the West Side as I was never able to make it to the Boardwalk to try it, and I think it will be easier to squeeze in at Disney Springs!

(From disney.go.com)

Also on the West Side of Disney Springs this winter, we'll have City Works Eatery & Pour House. This will apparently be a great place to grab a beer and watch some sports, if you are into that sort of thing... (I am not).

Unfortunately, neither of these establishments will be accepting Dining Plans.
  • Elizabeth Smith

    DIS Veteran
    May 7, 2017
    Welcome to @Penny McMouse and congrats for turning Building Blue! Congratulations also to myself (adding minutes today), PollyannaMom, Piglet1979, and the TEAM!

    Today, I'll share changes coming to one of Disney's biggest successes of 2019: Dinsey+

    There have already been several new shows and movies released to the platform so far this month!

    America’s National Parks (Season 1)
    Austin & Ally (Season 1-4)
    Billy Dilley’s Super-Duper Subterranean Summer (Season 1)
    Bugged (Short)
    Continent 7: Antarctica (Season 1)
    Cool Runnings
    Dog: Impossible
    (Season 1)
    Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER (Season 8)
    Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet (Season 7)
    Dr. T, Lone Star Vet (Season 1)
    Drain Alcatraz
    Drain The Bermuda Triangle
    Drain The Great Lakes
    Drain The Ocean: WWII
    Drain The Oceans
    (Season 2)
    Drain The Sunken Pirate City
    Drain Th Titanic
    El Materdor
    First Class Chefs: Family Style (Season 1)
    Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors - Battle Of The Bands
    Marvel Super Hero Adventures
    (Shorts) (Season 2-3)
    Marvel: 75 Years, From Pop To Pulp!
    Moon Mater
    Muppet Babies Show And Tell (Shorts) (Season 2-3)
    One Strange Rock (Season 1)
    Out There With Jack Randall (Season 1)
    Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (Season 1-2)
    Red Tails
    Rescue Squad Mater
    Soy Luna (Season 1)
    Spinning (Short)
    Super Rhino (Short)
    The Golden Touch (Short)
    The Lodge (Season 1-2)
    The Proud Family
    (Season 1-2)
    The Super Hero Squad Show (Season 1-2)
    Time Travel Mater (Short)
    Tokyo Mater (Short)
    Unidentified Flying Mater (Short)
    Vaprinia Ghouls Girls Rock! (Shorts) (Season 1)
    Wild Russia (Season 1)
    Year Million (Season 1)
    Life Below Zero (Season 13)

    The new 2019 Aladdin film will be coming on January 8th and on January 10th Destino (Short) and Marvel’s Runaways (Season 3) will be added.

    Of course, new episodes of Disney+ original series will be released as well. I put in bold the shows I may wind up streaming this month. What are you all looking forward to watching if you have Disney+? There is so much on the app that I could never possibly see it all, and most of the stuff on the list are shows and movies I have never heard of!
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    I was a click-clack champ!!
    May 16, 2006
    What are you all looking forward to watching if you have Disney+?
    Definitely the new Aladdin movie.

    I just finished the Mandalorian the other day. Disney+ was included with my new phone, but that series alone would have been worth December's subscription fee!

    The "Marvel: 75 Years, From Pop To Pulp" special you listed sounds interesting, and I'll probably watch some of the shorts as well.
  • Twilight Sparkle

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    May 24, 2015
    165 minutes - horses and walking


    Ample Hills Creamery is delicious. Another location can only be a good thing. Wish we had one here.

    I can't wait to see Aladdin again, and I'll probably watch some of the documentaries.


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    Jul 29, 2008
    Sorry for my lax reporting and participation! But here are my minutes so far (not as much as I hoped for but better than nothing!)

    1/4 - 20
    1/5 - 42
    1/7 - 42

    I was more sore from these workouts than I planned to be and that slowed me down at the start but I have faith I’ll get acclimated soon!

    I’m excited about all new things at Disney. I love all the old things they closed but I always love trying new things there also. Personally I am most excited for the beauty and the beast sing along but DH and DS are probably more excited about Sam Eagle’s restaurant and awesome planet.


    DisDad #744
    Nov 25, 2006
    I'm back for 1500.

    1/1: 60 min DDP Yoga
    1/2: 35 min DDP Yoga 52 min running
    1/3: 25 min DDP Yoga
    1/4: 40 min DDP Yoga
    1/5: 35 min DDP Yoga
    1/6: 40 min DDP Yoga

    to date: 287/1500

    all the weight I lost thru Labor Day I put back on between Halloween and New Years. Back up to 220 on 1/1 so I need to kick it into gear to get back to 199.


    Is it time for Food & Wine Yet??
    Aug 22, 2010
    A very busy weekend - my granddaughters (and their parents) came for a holiday visit!! I was beyond thrilled to see them but didn't get much in the way of exercise, unless I can count the time cooking!
    Back on track now - 30 minutes today weights and a short walk. (75/700)
    Elizabeth - you're giving me so many things to do when we get down to WDW in February! And, of course, I can't wait for the live action Aladdin!
    Welcome to our new friends, and welcome back, GrandAdmiral Strife!

    Penny McMouse

    Earning My Ears
    Feb 14, 2019
    I managed 38 min 1/6 and 32 1/7.
    Really not looking forward to the gym tomorrow morning. 5 am comes early!

    I don't care for most commercial bbq joints, live in the South so I've been spoiled with the good stuff, but as soon as I saw Sam Eagle I got excited. Muppet themed restaurant? Yes!


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