It's kind of fun to do the impossible - 32 days of fun and friends - updated August 04


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Apr 9, 2006

Day 8, August 15

Epcot’s Magic in the Moonlight - part 1

We slept in and only got up around 9am.
Tom brewed some coffee and we had some homemade sandwiches for breakfast. After breakfast we sat out on the balcony enjoying the morning sun until it was time to head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for our FastPasses.
We walked down

and caught one of the FriendShips to travel over to the Studios. Soon we had cleared bag check and were scanning our Magicbands and were on our way to Toy Story Land.
We stopped for a PhotoPass photo and soon had made it to the Alien Swirling Saucers.

There was quite the standby line, but we just scanned our bands and walked the shorter FastPass one. Soon we were assigned a number

and when the doors opened we chose a saucer, buckled up and the ride started.

It was nice, but nothing we would waste another FastPass on, well maybe after we had enjoyed the three pre-booked ones.
Once we had gotten off we checked how long the line for Midway Mania was, but it was too long and so we strolled over to the Tower of Terror for our next FastPass.

We explored some of the shops on our way over as we still had time to spare and when our window opened we walked over and were soon in the library. Pre-show over we were on our way to the elevators and were soon assigned a row and on our way. After the ride we decided to head back to our resort for some lunch, but we could not pass up a Starbuck’s treat. Tom got an

Iced Coffee, while I had chosen a Caramel Frappuccino. It had taken a while until they were prepared and we enjoyed the air conditioning while waiting. Drink in hand we wandered outside and slowly towards the exit, again strolling through some of the shops.
We took our sweet time and when we came towards where the boats dock, we could see a boat approaching, therefore we hurried down and joined the longish line in hopes we would make it onto that boat. We both had finished our drinks and were lucky enough to still get on board, but we were some of the last ones in the line.
It was pretty hot on board and we were happy to leave at the Swan and Dolphin and just walk across the bridge and enter the Boardwalk through a side entrance.
We climbed the stairs up to our room, freshened up a bit and then took the lift back down to go to the Big River Grill & Brewing Works.

Tom had always wanted to try it, but it had never fit our plans up to now. We walked up to the restaurant and asked if they had a table for two and they sure did. Didn’t take long and we were seated inside, menu in hand and asked for our drinks choices. I stuck with the

Diet Coke I always order, but Tom got to try the Midland, English Brown Ale, which turned out to be very tasty, especially since you can see parts of the brewery works from where you sit

and the brew master was walking in and out. Soon our lunch was served, we had both decided on a burger, Tom had the

Kobe Burger with Bacon, an American-Style Kobe Beef Burger with Lettuce, Tomato, and Pickles, and I had ordered the

Big Brew Cheeseburger with Lettuce, Tomato, and Pickles and both were served with Kettle Chips.
They were really good, juicy and flavourful and we both enjoyed them a lot. The server had come to refill my Diet Coke and Tom had decided on trying another beer, the

Paddle Boat, an American Pale Ale.
Once we had finished our lunch we took a stroll along the Boardwalk and then returned to our stateroom as we had gotten a message from our friend Pamela, who was coming to spend the afternoon and evening with us.

To be continued .....


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Apr 9, 2006

Day 8, August 15

Epcot’s Magic in the Moonlight - part 2

Once we had finished our lunch we took a stroll along the Boardwalk and then returned to our stateroom as we had gotten a message from our friend Pamela, who was coming to spend the afternoon and evening with us.
We watched some TV while waiting for her and it didn’t take long and we got a text that she was at the Security check point. So we walked down to the lobby to greet her and after a lot of hugging we were on our way back to the room to catch up on what had happened since we had last seen her. After a while we decided to have a snack and so Pamela and I popped down to the Boardwalk Bakery to get a snack. Pamela needed a gluten free snack and we were happy to find some

Erin McKenna’s Mini Brownie Cupcakes, which she enjoyed a lot, while I got myself another

Carrot Cake. Tom stuck to his Tortilla Chips.
Around 6pm we got in touch with my friend Michelle, who informed us that her son Vito and his fiancé Hannah were running a little late as Vito had just gotten back from work and needed to still get ready and it’s about an hour’s drive from where they live.
So we just went down to the DVC check in point for Moonlight Magic that night to pick up our wristbands. We then spent some time in our room, still chatting and making plans for days and cruise to come until we got another text that Vito and Hannah were close.
A few minutes later we made our way down to the entrance of the Boardwalk to wait for them and within 15 minutes we could see them coming towards us. Everyone got introduced and we all put on our wristbands for the evening’s event. Now, Pamela is a DVC member just as we are, but Michelle and her family live locally and we had invited the young couple to come with us, knowing their love for Disney.
Moonlight Magic is a free event at one of the theme parks only open to DVC members and their guests.
There is special merchandise, a free meal

and free Mickey Bars.
We had been to one the previous year at Animal Kingdom and it was a lot of fun as the wait times for rides were pretty short and there were a lot of characters that you don’t usually see. So, around 8pm we all walked over to the International Gateway, picked up our meal vouchers for the evening and then we let Vito and Hannah do whatever they wanted as they were more interested in the characters than in the rides.
Our little group of three now wandered off to do some rides. Figment is one of Pamela’s favourites, so we went on that first and then it was on to Finding Nemo. By then the crowds had started to subside and most of the guests had gathered around the World Showcase Lagoon for Illuminations. We stopped into Mousegears and wandered around for a bit, and around 10pm we headed to Sunshine Seasons to redeem our meal vouchers. Tom and I decided to share two dishes, the

Mongolian Beef with Vegetable Fried Rice and the

Stir Fried Shrimp with Celery, Peppers, Water Chestnuts, and Cashews and both were very tasty and fresh. We sat for a while, then headed over to Soarin’,

which was a walk on, even with asking for the middle glider. After soaring around the world we walked towards World Showcase again and passed a kiosk where they sold Moonlight Magic Merchandise. Needless to say that we needed to get in line and pick up some items.
Close by they were handing out Mickey Bars and again, we could not decline.

There were also some water dispensers for the thirsty.

There were fireworks at around midnight and we still had some time to kill, so we walked towards Mexico, going past Vito and Hannah who were in line for some more character photos. We were able to just walk onto the ride inside Mexico

and after that leisurely boat ride we went in search of a spot to watch the fireworks.
Pamela suggested to have a look if there were empty tables at the Mexican quick service restaurant and as there was we found a table by the water’s edge and waited for the fireworks.

We had a lot of fun talking about that day and the fun that was still to come and time just flew by and the fireworks started.

They were no Illuminations, but pretty impressive for this “private” event. Once the fireworks were over we made our way back to the International Gateway. It took us quite some time, not because of crowds, but we were all pretty tired and our feet were heavy. Once outside Epcot we were surprised to find the FriendShips still running, so we headed over there,

found a seat and were slowly transported back to the Boardwalk. Once there we said goodbye to our friend Pamela, who still had an hour’s drive ahead of her until she got home. Tom and I slowly walked back to our room, grabbed a drink out of the fridge and then went to bed, leaving the rest of the packing for the next morning.

To be continued .....


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Mar 14, 2002
Savor, Sip and Sparkle.
This event looks like fun and I love that they have savory dishes as well as sweet. Something new to add to the list.

Great pic love this ride!

one of the new magic bands against the reader and it didn’t work.
This happened to us last November at the WL so frustrating

This room had an awesome view of Cresent Lake, the Yacht and Beach Club and even Epcot in the distance.
Wow what a view!

Highway in the Sky Dine Around.
Did you like this time better than the last one?

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque

they only used one side and there were only two elevators working
It's so annoying when they do this.

This is such a fun ride
Agreed love it!

Come 9pm they started and we had an awesome view from our balcony.
Perfect way to end the evening.

It was nice, but nothing we would waste another FastPass on
Agreed it was one and done for us.

Sunshine Seasons
I love this place so much variety and the food is good.

Close by they were handing out Mickey Bars and again, we could not decline.
Lol of course not


I'm so happy, I could BOUNCE!
Nov 15, 2009
Sounds like a fun Moonoight Magic night! Low crowds and lots to do. My experience may have been different. :rolleyes1 Then again, you'll hear about that when you return from your current adventures!


Mommy to Claire
Oct 28, 2006
You were a busy poster! I was so behind!
Looks like you had a wonderful time.
I am watching all your pictures on Facebook now of your current trip. It's helping with my Disney Blues, but I am gonna need a fix soon!


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