It is my DIS Anniversery!!!!


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Dec 24, 1999
It has been a great 2 years as a member of the DIS today. I have meet so many great people here on the DIS. As well as gone to some great pin meets. I would say that the best part of the DIS is all the friends I have made and the **** Magic **** these friendships have added to our Disney experiance... I don't remeber what my first post was but I can only guess that it had to do with pins (or soup).

Zayne & Xavier's DAD

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Oct 14, 1999
.....LORD GOD ALMIGHTY MUST YOU REMIND US.....jeeez, who let this guy in????
HAHAHHAHAHHAHA......just kidding....I love ya brother..these last 20 yrs have been a blast & I'm glad you have been a BIG part of if I can ever just be as great as you (insert pun here).....BUT you are a true & great friend & may our FRIENSHIP between us & our families continue for a lllllooooonnngggg time to come...CONGRATS BUDDY!!!!!


WHAT IS THIS>>>>>>>LOOKY LOOKY.............!!!!!!


Aug 1, 2000
Happy anniversary Nat. I'm glad that I finally got to meet the guy with all those beautifully framed sets.

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