Is this a good airfare from ORD to MCO


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Dec 30, 2000
We're traveling from O'Hare in Oct. to Orlando. I found a non-stop United Airlines flight for $249.00 round trip. This is lowest fare I've seen yet. Should I book? Just last week it was $489.00 round trip. :eek: :eek: I know I've been told to wait until SouthWest posts their rates but the $249 seems to good to pass up.

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Jan 20, 2001
I'm not sure... we are flying om ATA out of MDW to MCO for $189.50 plus tax (I think). I know that all together I am paying $628 for 3 tickets and this is non-stop.

I did recieve an e-mail notification from travelocity today about some kind of "lower" rate out of ORD on Spirit Airlines.. but I think that they had 1 stop with a rate of $158 plus tax.

Keep in mind that I am far from a travel expert... we normaly fly once or twice a year.



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Apr 8, 2000
Delta Express begins serving ORD-MCO non-stop this summer. I just put in random October dates at and got $211.50 for non-stops. Now that's a good fare and likely not to go any lower, even on Southwest.

Delta Express just announced this new service last week. That's why United's fare dropped so much, because of this new competition on the route.


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Jun 23, 2000
We are paying $220/person on UAL from ORD to MCO to fly in August - we didn't want to wait any longer for Southwest's fares to come out and we did not want to fly ATA... Good luck! If you want to fly United, I think that it is a decent rate.


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Apr 29, 2000
I got a rate of $209.50 on American for a non-stop flt ORD to MCO For August. Also they are having that kids fare special so if you buy an adult fare at $209.50 you can get a kids fare for $138.00. OOps! I just rechecked and kidsfares are only thru Sept. apologies and good luck finding a good fare. :)

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Apr 29, 2000
You are right kids fares are only thru Sept. 13 i
edited my post so i wouldnt give wrong info. Thanks Travelsheryl


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