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Jan 20, 2001
okay, i am planning a little surprise for November (SHHH, don't tell), I am a Disney Club member. Called and got 4 nights at P.O. Riverside over veteran's day weekend for $458. Is this good? I will keep calling back, at least that is what the CM told me to do, but from what I have read, this sounds like an okay deal? Yup, I leave in 36 hours for WDW and I am already planning the next trip. Yikes!
I called in January for November, same week. The best rate I could get for PO-FQ was the same as your Riverside. I booked it, planning to watch for something better. I ended up changing my dates though. It's not bad, but I've seen it for less at other times this year.

The funny thing was I asked the cm about the name change and she said, "why would the name change?" I feel so bad for the clueless CMs!
I, too, have been amazed at the difference in knowledge level among the CMs on the phone. I was researching Annual Passes, and you would not believe the misinformation I got. Thank God I found these boards!

We will be there the same time and I got the same rate--after quite a few phone calls. We are staying seven nights. I will keep my eyes out for a better rate too.

I notice you are also from MA. I'd be very interested in what flight prices you find. I'm really hoping to find something below $175!
i am hoping for a direct at less than $200. since it is just my youngest and me this time (in NOV.), i don't want to risk getting stuck. I will not go thru laguardia ever again, even for free!!!! i have heard that Worcester Airport has started direct flights, so I am looking at there, Providence, Hartford and Logan. I flew Delta express last year out of Prov. and it was excellent. Tomorrow we are going southwest out of Prov., and I have talked to quite a few that say that's good too. I'll let you know!
Hey guys this is my first post but have been reading for months. Me and my fience (chicd75)are addicted. I love this sight. 3 trips in 6 months to disney and you guys have saved me thousands. As far as airfare goes to They are the best and always beat the airlines and other sights on price by alot. Also you can reserve the actual seats so there are no suprises. Check them out. They saved me $700 on tickets from ny to orlando in may. the airline wanted 500 a ticket and i got 2 for 150 from the websight. They also sent the tickets out 2 day express to me. No problems at all. Also I got PO River for 89 a night in may with ap discount code. Good price as rack rate is 179. Hope this helped.

Thanks everyone and have a magical day.

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Thanks for the link for the fares. Right now they are the same as I'm finding elsewhere, but I will keep looking.

Anne, you might want to look at Manchester NH airport too. I've heard they have good service. The first time we went I got $160 out of Boston--would love to get that price again but it's doubtful. And I will only fly direct. Too many kids to drag through airports.
My past 3 trips I have flown out of Manchester.
at $169 for May00 $109 in sept00 and this past Jan00 for $109. I have a flight this comming May for$201 but I am fling into Orlando but flying back from Miami. Southwest has non-stops and Usair
has a stop in BWI but you do not have to get off. I think they have non-stop also.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the info on Manchester. Do you fly Southwest? Have you ever had any problems with them as far as boarding and keeping people together? We are traveling with the kids and grandparents. I can't have us sitting all over the plane (and I'm sure the other passengers wouldn't appreciate it). I've heard mixed things about SW and how they accommodate families. Any experiences?

I Have flown Southwest, not a bad airline. But you have to be there early to get boarding passes.
I did not travel with Children.. The boarding passes are numbers. So you pick whatever seat is available.. NO ASSIGNED SEATING. the lower your number the better.. I can not remember if they let families with young children on first in Manchester. They did in Orlando. but the Flight attendents were great.



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