Is Saturday a bad day to spend at Universal?


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Jan 21, 2002
Hi everyone,

After getting lots of feedback, I think we will spend one of our days in Orlando at IOA. My kids are ages 10, 7 and 3.

We will have Monday through Saturday to visit parks, and we were thinking of doing Disney on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Wednesday might be our "relax" day and also DisneyQuest day) and visiting Universal on Saturday. Is Saturday the worst day to visit Universal? I figured it couldn't be as bad as Disney!

What do you guys think?


I would say that the Magic Kingdom and Islands of Adventure are NIGHTMARES on Saturdays... :rolleyes:

It's a shame you're using one of the better days, Wednesday, as a rest day, I would use that one for IOA. ANYTHING but Saturday... (do you think I've had experience with this???)
what month and days are you going.
unlike Robin i go every saturday and have a ball.
the crowd level is down right now but i expect towards the middle of Mardi Gras for that to change and for the crowds to be back to a near state of normal.

for uncrowded pleasure go during the week if you do not mind bumping elbows with tourists and SHORT people go on saturday but be there when the gates open.:smooth:
SHORT people don't like crowds for a reason, Mr.999999.... :mad:

remember we can't SEE because of TALL people like YOU! :p

I had some really bad experiences on Saturdays mostly because the local teenagers came in large groups to cruise. I called it the "new mall"...

I took a friend of mine and her daughter on a Saturday to IOA to show them around and we were only able to get on ONE ride. This happened in May, 1999. Since then I have not returned on a Saturday UNLESS I am onsite!


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