Is Jaws really to intense for Kids?


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Jan 12, 2000
My 4 and 6yo have been watching the Universal video over and over and insist that they want to do jaws. I think their nuts. Has anyone taken kids this age?
I don't think Jaws is very intense at all, but I have no experience with kids that age! Jaws is simply a boat ride (no drops or any real thrill elements). Your boat is attacked several times by Jaws, although he never even touches the boat. Some of the scenes may be a bit graphic for kids that age, but I think they should be fine. Let them sit in the middle of the row, away from the water, that should help some more.

I agree with Jim. Set them in the middle of the row and they should be fine. Also, let them hang around the shark hanging outside of the attraction, take pictures by it etc. They can see that it is not real.
The first time my kids went on it they were 5 and 6. We put them in the middle. They were not really shocked by the shark but they really jumped out of their seats on the flames from the "oil fire". Do they still do that?
I hate to spoil the surprise but, I would tell the kids about that part. I remember you can actually even feel the heat!!


Taff is correct, the shark is probably the least frightening element of the ride. The element of suprise and the gunshots/fire/explosions are probably what would bother your children, if anything. Outside of the attraction, as another poster said, they have Jaws hanging for pictures. The shark outside looks exactly like the one in the ride, so it may help to explain to your kids that they will see another "fake" shark just like it when they ride. Also I would explain that everything is pretend (obviously) and that the fire and explosions they see are part of the ride (maybe try telling them it will be like the forth of July). Having them cover their ears whenever the shark is present may also help take some of the suprise out of the ride. I hope this helps you, as I said earlier I have no experience with young children so this is just my personal opinion. King Kong is slightly less intense. You may want to try it first and see how they do. If they can handle that they will do fine with Jaws.

Jim, I'm not sure that Kong would be less intense than Jaws for young children. You have many of the same elements, large scary creature, fire effects, loud noises, etc. But the Kong attraction is dark and more enclosed than Jaws, and louder I think, and that may actually make it scarier for young children. Actually I think most kids over 4 could handle either of the attractions, with enough preparation.
If they can handle the Shark on the outside they should do ok I hope. I will warn them about the effects1 Thanks for the info!

When my son was six we went on Jaws. I had been on it before and thought it was harmless enough. Also, I thought my son was pretty thick-skinned.

Was I WRONG!!! He cried and cried. He said we were mean to take him on that ride. The fire really scared him. He knew the shark was fake. The fire scared him in the Earthquake ride also (I think it was Earthquake, we were in a subway car).

A couple of years ago (he was 8) we went into Twister and again.. the fire scared him. He just stood behind me.

This fear caught me off guard. I wonder if he'll go on those rides next time.


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